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The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, For A Split Personality

It’s the Nordstrom half-yearly sale. I wanted to get out the word as soon as I could to ensure you some good choices, so I spent this morning browsing. Below you’ll find ideas for a) Polished Tomboy Style and b) Must Dress Up In Something Gorgeous For The City Because Fashion Is Art And Anyway Just Because. Split Personalities ‘R Us.

Have fun!



I confess, before I began style blogging, I never focused on sales. I have come to appreciate them, and to value help from other bloggers, like Grechen and Kat, for alerting me to timing and previewing their own choices.

Oh, and in order not to deluge you with posts, this will be my last for the week. See you Saturday my friends.
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  1. I am in love with the Armani Collezioni navy Honeycomb Weave full-skirt dress with the daring neckline. Would be perfect for the wedding I’m going to at the end of the month. Sale price is still a little altitudinous. I console myself by clinging to the surety that the dress requires dry-cleaning, which puts it off-limits for me for various reasons. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Lisa, not sure you’re aware of it, but the “new favorite jeans” link for Current/Elliott actually takes you to Citizens of Humanity “Phoebe” jean ( Which is really cute!)

    1. Aaack! You’re right. Citizens of Humanity is what I meant! That’s what happens when I’m going fast:).

  3. Thanks for the clarification! Are you at all familiar with the “True Fit” system that several of the big department stores use? It says those jeans would be an “excellent Fit” in my size! Oh really?

    1. Well I love mine – which are the boyfriend cut, and baggy. They’re oddly, and nicely, elegant for some holey jeans:).

  4. I wish I could take you shopping with me,you have such a fantastic eye.

    xo J

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