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Flowers In The House, Lace Cap Hydrangea Edition

It’s Monday, these are flowers, so it must be time for Flowers In The House! In Northern California, we’ve moved to hydrangea season, accompanied by Thank You Very Much For A Second Bloom white roses. And a few stalks of lavender.

Here, in a red carpet closeup.


And here, on the table, where they waited last night for a Father’s Day dinner with my family. That’s Grandmama’s mirror in the back, underlaid by a flock of family photos, speaker and several Swedish glass objects.


To be cleared away before eating, because lovely though they are, we like each other’s faces even more. I did put more placemats down, do not worry. I even let my guests have plates and forks.

If you jump on over to Jane’s blog, Small But Charming, you’ll find more lace cap, and a host of actual florists gathering flowers for your enjoyment. Happy Monday to all.

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  1. I rarely cut flowers from the outside to bring inside, it’s an argument I have with myself over and over. I feel like I’m stealing from the beauty of the outside if I cut them, so I buy indoor flowers at the farmer’s market. Your arrangement is beautiful, love the vase too.

    Did you cook?

    1. @kathy,

      Kathy, me too! I just cannot bring myself to do it, it really does feel like stealing – the kind that will kick off a Grimm’s fairytale story.

    2. @kathy, I go back and forth. Sometimes they bring me more pleasure inside, sometimes outside. In the case of the hydrangeas, I’m trying to shorten some leggy plants, so took the damage now vs. end of season:).

  2. Here you are with a bevy of beauties….and indeed they were ready for their close up.

    As was your table, I think I love it.

    Unlike Kathy, I pick and choose from the garden.

    Why should my neighbors get to enjoy all the happy?

    Some for them, some for me.

    Thanks for partying on.

    xo J

  3. Love that vase. Have one just like it or extremely similar. Waterford? Mine was a wedding gift 28years ago and still one of the most favorite things we received.

  4. That arrangement looks lovely. I wish I could have fresh flowers from our garden in the house…but alas, I’m too allergic.
    We were given a beautiful antique vase as a wedding gift. A few years ago, determined to use it, I filled it with yellow and purple irises from our garden as well as assorted smaller yellow and white flowers. It looked so wonderful. I put in on the dining room table. VERY soon after, sneezing and “stuffed up,” I moved it into the sun room where I could see it from the kitchen. Nope not far enough. It ended up on the table outside on the deck where I could admire in through the living room window!
    BTW I’m really liking your blog-morphing process. Change is good.

  5. Beautiful arrangement. We must be channeling each other. For first time in months, I bought dozen roses yesterday. I’m looking at them as I write wondering why I don’t do it more often… Judy

  6. Lovely arrangement. My peonies are finished, so I bought some hydrangeas at Trader Joe’s the other day. They’re white and look so nice in an interesting glass vase.

  7. What a lovely way to start the day. Lovely flowers and vase. I love taking photos of flowers using the app Waterlogue. Have you tried it yet? Your own watercolors.

  8. Oh how I love hydrangeas in all forms, but the lace-caps are especially appealing. I’m good with bringing the flowers indoors either, or haven’t been because it felt like stealing, but I am thinking of a small cutting garden on the side of the house, where I really won’t miss a few blooms.

  9. How lovely…flowers,home décor, all of it! Love that the flowers came from your garden. You have a nice touch with the arranging!

  10. I love this Lisa. It is also so difficult for me to plan just the right flowers for a dining table. I remember so clearly my friend K passing along to me a wonderful flower arrangement for a dinner party I was hosting. Imagine my chagrin when my husband summarily removed the arrangement from the table as we sat down for dinner. I was mortified.

  11. Your spring garden bouquet is lovely in your vase. I do love hydrangeas and roses so much, when I bring them in from my garden, a spider or two always tags along!

    1. @Candace, True! I try to leave the stems outside in the vase for a little while, when I remember, to let the creatures say goodbye.

  12. I have to have houseplants but always felt that with cut flowers I was just watching something die. What to do? My solution is a variety of low baskets and bowls, and six packs of the most gorgeous annuals. I plant the annuals in the shallow containers (crowding them a little to make them look lush)…I keep them lightly watered or misted and they serve as centerpieces for a week or two, then get transplanted to the flower beds…gorgeous and as an added benefit extremely economical. Oh, and I never have to remove the arrangement for conversations’ sake!

  13. At home, the hydrangeas along the path eventually collided with the honeysuckle on the trellis and a small girl begged her father not to cut them until they stopped flowering.By February we could barely open the trellis’ gate!
    Thank you

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