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The Joys Of A Cabochon, Which Is Pronounced Ka-Bo-Shawn, But You Knew That Already

Back when, I indulged myself in this pair of turquoise danglers. Wore them frequently, loved them much.

Turquoise Earrings from Barneys

And then, sadly, one got lost. Happily, however, the people at Finn Jewelers were of great help. I mailed off the earring I hadn‘t lost to New York, along with a check for $250, and got back a whole new matched pair. Still some of my favorite earrings (along with these from Beladora, and these from Vicente Agor.)

Which brings us to the cabochon. Seems modern, somehow. The unfaceted, the matte, the convex, all align with ugly sandals and watches made in Detroit. Or so it feels. One could start big. Although this is an Art Deco piece, star sapphires seem ever so mid-century to me.

Beladora-Art_Deco_Star_Sapphire_and_Diamond_Ring_in_Platinum-0-460x346You can, if you must, jazz up your cabochon with trim.

Turquoise and Emerald EarringsOr venture into the realm of costume jewelry, where I think a cabochon excels. These are from our friend Tory Burch.

Tory Burch via Shopbop

Cabochons can in fact be had that are not blue. Shocker. Turquoise and lapis dominate the field, I admit, but red resin recovers.

Yochi-02202013-012-gold-red-beads-earrings-MNot to forget our fingers, or the joys of pale stones. From Beladora, in its non-stratospheric guise.


And finally, because America’s national holiday is coming up on the 4th of July, we let a few facets joint the party for some wholly affordable red, white, and, well, yes, blue.

4th of July Earrings via 6pm

Gleam on, my friends, there are times to give sparkle a rest. In case you need just one more look, Vicente Agor makes a beautiful set, here.

Cabochons For 2017


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28 Responses

  1. Emeralds are my favorite gemstone, but for cabochon I’d have to go with pink star sapphires – I just love them.

    I have to say, though, those red cabochon chandelier earrings are really gorgeous.

  2. I love cabochon stones in all forms and colors. And your turquoise earrings inspire me. My husband gave me beautiful turquoise studs, bezel-set in 18k gold. I rarely wear studs anymore but would wear them frequently if reset.

  3. Ouch. The prospect of losing an expensive earring is enough to keep me from fully enjoying them.

    Am I the only person with cubic zirconia studs in her ears and a pair of the real thing at home?

    1. Hi Rose. There are ways to make an earring more secure. When I wear a pair I would hate to lose I use a little clear stopper as a second stopper after the butterfly. They work with any kind of post and many other styles like French wires and omega clips.

      I have also had some studs made as screw backs; those are very secure.

    2. @RoseAG, I use stoppers on dangle earrings. it’s so easy to catch them on a scarf or coat and unhook them from your ear.

    3. @RoseAG,
      Love the rubber stopper back up idea! I have to caution you that screwbacks are actually less secure than properly fitted, high quality clutch backs. They can come unscrewed by coming in contact with a collar or scarf and vibration.

  4. I especially love your turquoise earrings, being partial to turquoise myself. How nice that you finally have a pair again. I was digging in the garden recently and made the most delightful discovery. There, in the dirt under the lemon tree, was my misplaced earring. It had been buried in the dirt for three years and looked good as new with a bit of elbow grease.

  5. I love cabs. (There, you don’t have to worry about the pronunciation.) You also can get a big stone for less than the faceted version of the same gem.

    So happy yours could be replaced!

  6. I love cabochons and even remember touching my first pair of rounded amethyst earrings. Love at first touch! So glad you were able to reunite with your lovely turquoise pair.

  7. While prowling the fleas, I found a Navajo silver ring featuring a simple floral setting for a missing central stone. I’d begun the hunt for a turquoise cabochon, perhaps your missing earring?!, when a friend gave me a star sapphire ruby that fit perfectly.

    This has made a nice accessory for white shirts worn with neckerchiefs and straw hats. Can’t think why I’ve always considered cabs and turquoise “informal”. Think of the Duchess of Cornwall’s great-grandmother’s necklace!

  8. I pronounce it ‘ka-bo-sho(ngh)’ because I am English :-) But until reading this post I didn’t really know what they were.

    Now I learn they’re ‘gems that have been polished but not faceted.’ Utterly lovely.

  9. I love the way cabochon gems gleam! My mother gave be a beautiful wine coloured garnet ring for passhing my exams when I was 15. I still regret losing that and the beige-ish carnelian ring from the 70’s I ‘borrowed’ off her. She did give me a faceted garnet later and I still have that.

  10. Lisa, have you ever shopped Astley Clarke? I adore their stacking rings, and the earrings seem just as lovely. Give the site a once over. I think you’d appreciate what they have on offer.

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