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LPC Is At Corporette, All Week Long

This week I am guest posting at Corporette, Kat’s well-established blog for “over-achieving chicks.” She asks contributors to pick one piece of clothing for each day of the week, starting with “Splurge Monday,” and ambling on down to Frugal Friday. I’ll edit this post daily to include all the links. Monday it’s a navy Akris Punto jacket, on sale. Tuesday, dark wash AG Jeans.

Splurge Mondays TPS Report: Perforated Jacket

Tuesday’s TPS Report: Bootcut Jeans

Wednesday’s TPS Report: Cashmere And Silk-Blend Scarf (Hint: the scarves are printed in graphics of various technical domains. Circuitry, for example.)

Thursday’s TPS Report: Block-Print Popover (In which we take a leaf from Une Femme’s playbook)

Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Long-Sleeved B&W V-Neck Tee  (Striped, Target, <$10) and a Paisley Scarf

I’ll have one post here on Privilege this week too, on house, or garden. (Ooops. Turns out that switching strides takes more time than I predicted. Can we agree that the Gardening Internet is different from the Clothing Internet? Please accept my apologies.) Next week I’ll start the fashion/house/garden posting here – and we’ll see where that takes us. Thank you all so much for your supportive comments on my Saturday post about editorial changes, they mean the world to me.

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  1. Why are women who work hard and do well in life referred to as “over-achieving?”

  2. Love AKRIS and love the perforated jacket. This would be an investment piece that is extremely versatile and would last years. Great find!

  3. Reading the comments on the Corporette site made me appreciate your civilized and supportive posters on Privilege. Holy Catfights, Batman! I liked your perforated jacket. :-)

    1. I have worked hard, and you guys have worked hard, to make sure we treat each other with enormous respect here. It is wonderful. I confess to a gently sarcastic reply on Corporette – and hope you all will forgive me. In that comment culture, they like to play a little rough, and it works for them.

  4. Whoa. That’s a tough crowd over there. I like the jacket’s edgy style, and thought it a good choice, though I personally would never have a use (or a budget) for it.

  5. Off to read immediately. Snarky comments?

    And if I didn’t say so earlier I’m thrilled about the turn your blog will be taking in the future.

    I am so house and garden.

    xo J

  6. Jaysus, I’m back. That was tough over there. And you’re spending the week?

    May the force be with you.


  7. I thoroughly enjoyed your Career Advice guest post – I have never read anything so succinct, and true. Thank you for the time you put into each of your writings. I just ordered a navy blazer fromTalbots, and have two other navy suits in different hues. Agree completely with feeling comfortable in your clothes as a confidence booster. I sometimes add my strand of “power pearls” – they have brought me great luck when I’ve needed it most.

  8. Long time reader, new commenter – so excited to see you posting on Corporette (despite the snarkiness – which I am sure you knew was coming) as well as evolving your blog with new types of content.

  9. I’m enjoying your Corporette posts & the snark factor seems to have settled down–you handled it very well. I was surprised by the term “over-achieving” too. And it strikes me that having “-ette” in the blog’s name doesn’t seem to fit capable career women. It’s a catchy blog name, though. The fine points of jean or jacket styles that will or won’t work in different office environments are sure making me glad I get to wear swimsuits to work!

  10. I’m not sure there’s a specific etiquette for swimwear, but since it’s summer, in case anybody is looking for practical swimwear, here’s my take on it: I like to wear 2-piece suits (more convenient for bathroom breaks than 1-piece suits). Buy swim tops & bottoms to mix & match & provide appropriate coverage–I like tank or racerback tops & non-bikini bottoms or shorts. I work with dogs in the water, so I like rash guards or t-shirts & shorts to minimize the occasional raking with sharp toenails. I’m in my mid-50’s, so I may like more coverage than younger women might want or need, but I’ve been impressed with the variety of swimwear for different body types that’s out there. Happy summer, everybody!

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