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What’s A Summer Sale For, Or, That Thing You Didn’t Know You Needed

Summer sales, to my way of thinking, are for finding that one thing you didn’t know you needed. We’re heading into July and in most parts of the USA it’s only going to get hotter. Pieces you’ve relied on are going to give up the ghost.

Something new is something crisp.


If I weren’t spending so much time in my garden right now I’d go to Halsbrook, land of the Grande Dame, and snap up this black poplin dress. It’s available only in an Italian 40/US size 4, but that’s how these sales work. Serendipity, that size, that color, that fabric.  This ia from Les Copains, down from $495 to $198. Something else might be waiting for you. Maybe it’s floral silk; only you know.

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8 Responses

  1. That’s the problem, as I see it, Lisa. There are all kinds of wonderful dresses, tops and shoes just waiting for me to discover them! And here I am, trying to learn to be grateful for what I have, without always desiring more. The next “best thing” is always out there….
    However, I truly appreciate your whimsy!

    1. I totally understand. And this post is from the perspective of one who has done a lot of focus and winnow time, so to speak. Here, as in almost anything, it’s about balance. So I probably owe you something about how the imaginary purchase can be as fun or better than the one you make. Duly noted.

  2. Black never really “reads” summer to me, but then as a veteran of convent schooling, I also tend to think “nun”. : )

  3. I can totally see myself wearing the dress. Since it’s tropical all year round here wearing black looks as good as wearing florals or colors. Wish it came in size 34. :-(

  4. I dream of finding a really crisp white shirt — shirt, not blouse — to wear with dark indigo jeans and a big fake pearl bracelet. I’d even try to remember how to starch it! (Something involving a spray can and an iron, yes?)

  5. I checked back, as I often do, to see what others are saying. Did they have a reaction similar to mine? The “silence” was, well, sort of deafening. 5 comments on a blog that often has 50? So I have to wonder, was it the color? the price? the dress itself? I will just weigh in to say that I think people are generally reluctant to give negative feedback, especially when dealing with someone they consider to be a blogfriend. I will go out on a limb and say that this dress reminds me of a phrase my mother often used “that dress doesn’t do you any favors” and “pretty girls deserve pretty clothes.” If that is too outspoken, forgive me. I do know how to hold my metaphorical tongue, if that is required or desired.

    1. @Kathy, I would wear this dress in San Francisco and New York, in Los Angeles to be cool, and maybe in Houston to be contrary:).

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