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The Jigsaw London Sale Is On And I Am Off Next Week

Another brief sale notice, this time from our friends at Jigsaw, who are winning all the awards for Tops That Are Kind To Your Middle.

Here’s a summer version of my favorite Jersey Peasant Top, seen here with long sleeves, and below with short.

Jigsaw London Peasant

And another, for those who can do vivid.

Jigsaw London

Sizes are limited but options are not.

By the way, I will be off all next week, re-posting a few old Saturday pieces in my absence. That means tomorrow will be the last new thing for a while. It is, however, a doozy, including but not limited to: imaginary Texas; an iconic brand; jewels of dreams; and a beloved and lovely red-headed model.

7 Responses

  1. I really like it in the long-sleeved Henley version in navy, one of my best colors!

  2. The vivid version reminds me of my college days. It’s The Thing to Wear whilst toting a sitar or acoustic guitar across the green. I wore it with jeans, of course, but the grand-girls would ruin the line with those hideous cargo pocket leg tents. Aaaagh.

    Enjoy your holiday! Looking to tomorrow’s grand post.

  3. Thanks so much for alerting us to the Sale! I had not heard of Jigsaw before and scooted over to their easy-to-use mobile-based site which was chock-full of great buys. I registered and immediately placed a ton of things in a Wish List for consideration. Jigsaw has one of the best mobile sites I have ever seen with fabric content, reviews (and company comments posted in response to unfavorable reviews right below them), sizing charts, etc. Rarely are mobile sites so thorough, I was so impressed. The sale prices are not to be believed; I am calling Toll Free to ask a few questions before ordering a dress, a few cardigans, and accessories. I’m a huge fan of UK brands and thrilled to add another to my roster: one cannot beat their knits, tailoring, choice of materials. Thanks again!

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