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LPC Is At “How I Wear My…”

Today I, with a host of other bloggers, am over at Adrienne’s blog, Rich Life On A Budget. It’s time for the monthly feature she hosts, along with Jill at Everything Just So, in which you can see multiple outfits on one theme. These month it’s “How I Wear My White.”  I’m in the white tee and shorts you saw in the Bottega Veneta Hobo review, with a little more explanation of the outfit and motivation. Others are wearing everything from white jeans to white button-fronts to wispy white dresses. Take a look here, or here for more, and consider dressing in white. I wouldn’t have gone beyond t-shirts, a few years ago, but it feels quite right for 2014.

5 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for letting us feature you in How I Wear My: White this month. I love the idea of an all white outfit for summer though I have yet to try it myself. It looks so fresh and cool on you!

  2. Thank you so much for joining us for “How I Wear My: White.” I loved your outfit and it is so nice to meet you! And thank you for the mention and link!

  3. I loved your outfit, and many of the others. I love wearing white but I inevitably ruin anything that has to be dry-cleaned. I remember a gorgeous white dress from Bloomingdales I’d bought on sale for a summer vacation in Maine, brought home stained with lobster sauce. Oh, and that perfect pair of white cotton dress pants ruined by brushing against a dirty car door rushing to get to a movie. Nowadays, if a white garment can’t be washed (and bleached if necessary), it doesn’t go into my closet.

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