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Tailgating With ALL The Gear

So, the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series. I’m always surprised when this happens, we’re too Alternative to be good at sports, right? Apparently not!

This weekend Significant Husband and I went walking out behind the ballpark Do you know how beautiful this city is? Look.

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As it turns out, the ballpark, in addition to glassy harbor waters and picturesque boats at dock, offers ground level gameday spots for a small, free, standing audience. You watch for 3 innings, then they shoo you out and wave in the next group. Populism in action. Can’t you imagine setting up a tailgate party – or at least a harbor picnic – right nearby?

So when my friends at Boombox Network asked me to test one of their shopping guides, I said yes to Tailgating Essentials. Everything you need for a picnic on the asphalt. Or, in the case of San Francisco, by the bay.

Tailgating Essentials from Boombox Network

Boombox thoughtfully provided us with details.

  1. SportBrellaThis portable umbrella sets up in seconds and protects your entire family from wind, rain, sand and the blazing sun. Order it online and pick it up at Walmart.
  2. Tailgating CoolerAn ice chest, charcoal grill and all the utensils in one portable package. Shoulder strap or handles, you decide how to carry it. From Walmart.
  3. LED LanternDon’t you love the retro look, but with the safety and brightness of LED lighting? Order it now from Best Buy.
  4. BackPack Cooler ChairAll in one – your chair, your cooler, and your hands are free! Pick this up at JCPenney.
  5. Football BlanketSince childhood, sitting on the bleachers has always been better with one of these wool blankets over your legs. Online at Best Buy.
  6. Grill LightIt always gets dark before you know it. Clip this almost anywhere and the flexible neck lets you point it where you need it. Buy it at JCPenney.
  7. Weather Resistant Outdoor SpeakerGet the sound to everyone with this large speaker that can be placed horizontally or vertically and keep going for 6 hours. You can find this at Best Buy.
  8. The Picnic PackEnough for snack time for the whole team and the coaches. 16 Burgers and 16 Franks, all gourmet. Order it from Omaha Steaks and keep it in the freezer until you need them.
  9. Football ClawNow there’s the perfect place to keep that Game Ball – on the wall! Order it now so it’s on hand when you need it, at The Container Store.

Love that football blanket.

Baseball will be over in the blink of an eye. Congratulations Giants for a great opener. Sorry, Kansas City, no hard feelings. Football, however, will be with us for a while. Do you guys tailgate? And do you go all out? Surely you don’t endorse shivering with bad sandwiches?


The guide contains affiliate links. I have not nor will I receive compensation, but I am interested in any data derived. Please feel free to contact Boombox, if you’d like to work with them, here.


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  1. The backpack cooler is nice for trips to the beach when you may be walking a few blocks with all your stuff and need a free hand to hold onto your dearest ones.

  2. I have a curious question, and I hope that it doesn’t sound too critical. (Sally McGraw of Already Pretty does the same thing regarding her husband, so maybe this is a blogger trend.) You refer to your mate as Significant Husband, and she calls hers Husband Mike. It seems a bit silly and redundant, especially, when you’re a regular reader. I don’t get why you can’t simply say my husband, sweetie or even spouse. Obviously, he’s “significant,” or you wouldn’t be married to him! I’d appreciate an answer, if you have one. Thanks.

    1. I could just say “my husband,” absolutely. In my case, because he is so private, I have no name to give him. So when I say Significant Husband, it’s because I used to call him Significant Other. And then we got married. That said, if it’s annoying to people, I have no issue with moving to the generic reference. What do you think? I’m open to suggestions.

  3. It was clear to me why you refer to him as “Significant Husband” before you explained it in the comments of this post. I think it’s quite charming and flattering, and if both you and he like it, it should remain “Significant Husband.” BTW, I like it!

    1. Your blog is one of my favorites! There’s so much there. I’m so glad I found you some time ago. I like variety in blogs, and yours is unique.

  4. I remember the days when he was Significant Other, so I also understand how he become Significant Husband–and I like the term. That’s how I think of him–also remembering what we could see of him in the lovely wedding photos.

  5. The evolution of Significant Husband is clear to me and I find it charming. I have been a guest at a tailgate, my great-nephew plays college football, and I have tagged along when visiting family, and I’ve used similar gear when preparing meals to go to day-long music festivals, when we were loathe to stand in long lines for bad sandwiches.

  6. Have never been to a tailgating party and embarrassingly, I still don’t quite understand what they are? If we go to a sporting event, we sit in the stadium – is that weird?

    1. Not weird at all. Around here, tailgating happens before the game, mostly. I think in the South and Southwest they are more prone to the tailgate as main event.

  7. Tailgating may be the oddest thing I’ve come across in US culture. I just can’t imagine how sitting around a parking lot for hours could be a fun idea. If you’re going to picnic, why not do it somewhere pretty and pleasant like a park, lakeside, beach etc.? If you’re going to the game, why not go to the game?

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