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Breakfast With Roofers, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:33am

You might think that someone with a roof leak might think to fix said leak before she began painting her house. People be crazy, what can I say?

Yep, a roof leak, into my master bath as it happens. And I live in a region so flush with cash from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram et. alia. that I cannot find a craftsperson for  simple repairs. Everyone wants to build mansions. People be crazy.

Needless to say, when I finally did find someone willing to take care of a small leak, just in advance of rain predicted for next week, he was available only first thing Saturday, aka today.

Which is all by the way of saying, “Fancy a morning with the roofer, dear?” Don’t worry, I’m just talking to myself.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I’m better acquainted with the whole subject of roof leaks and roofers than I ever intended to be…in my climate this really matters! Hope all goes efficiently today! Shelter is such a significant blessing.

  2. We have the same issue here with people who don’t want to bother with “small” jobs (and lately it seems like anything short of a complete demo/rebuild is considered a small job). Good luck with the roof repair!

  3. Oh don’t get me started on roofs, ours leaks in 5 places, the latest quotes are almost as much as the house was because we have to use the same materials as the age of the house as we are listed – buckets and tarpaulins are a way of life for us.

  4. we get so much precipitation that we must maintain our roof. We had it completely redone last year. I know how hard it is to find qualified tradesmen who will take on small projects…I think that we need more young people to work in the trades but the lure of big money in computers where one needn’t get your hands dirty has swayed a lot of young people.
    I make coffee and serve muffins to our crews when they come to work on our heritage bungalow.

    1. @Bungalow Hostess, Yes, just what I am now thinking! More young people in the trades. Both my roofer and the painters are a father-son combo. Seems that’s the best way to pass it on. You are a good soul with muffins and coffee, I resort to cash;).

  5. The roof in our first house leaked, but only when it snowed. As the snow melted it settled in a bad spot and leaked right onto our bed.

    Our long-time cleaning lady, a very entrepreneurial Salvadoran/now-American, is our source for repairs. She always knows someone who can do things.

  6. Our roofer tells us that he is going to get engraved on his tombstone the words “while you are up there…”

    1. @EH13, Hahahahaha! I had that experience, and ran to the hardware store to get silicone caulk so he wouldn’t have to come down:).

  7. Leaking rooves… I feel your pain.

    Hope everything is fixed now and you can enjoy hearing the rain on the roof without fear of massive internal structural repercussions.

    SSG xxx

  8. How well I know that it is difficult to find people to take on small jobs! Think about this—a rodent in your attic (at our farm), or a lock that has fallen apart, or a broken skylight (hailstorm). When I find a great workman, I usually pay more than the bill they present me with, and thank them profusely. We want them to return!

  9. I spent the afternoon with a roofer, too! And, given the time difference, our roofers were working simultaneously. Our house was built in the 1920’s, and we still have the original slate roof. We have it checked periodically and sometimes we have to replace a slate. Last winter was so harsh that we had about 5 broken slates. We finally got the roofer to come today to fix them – small jobs are an issue here, as well.

  10. I too feel your pain! Had a similar problem last year, and were advised a new roof was required as the leak was ‘tricky’.
    Around that time I was in the UK and visited the Cotswolds where I took a really interesting tour of the fabulous cottages. Tour guide advised that these several hundred year old cottages had their roof tiles turned upside down every fifty years or so. Texted husband to halt work on our 40 year old Australian roof!
    Got a third opinion and had a small tiled area removed and redone (same tiles) with no further issues. About 1500 AUD as opposed to 25,000 +
    I love your writing always and am endeavouring to show this by commenting more!

    1. @Meg, Wow. Great catch on your part.

      Thank you so much for the comment. Blogging is a solitary endeavour in and of itself, and the words of encouragement are just wonderful. But don’t worry if you find it’s too much effort to comment. I appreciate you reading, no matter what it moves you to do.


  11. Susan, you are right on! I also have a farm and old house and I have a plethora of work crews- some are stinkers, some just ok, some really the best. I always OVERPAY when I want them to keep coming back. Oh yes!!! Nowadays these type of workers can cherry pick the jobs they want. I want to be one that they go to, sure!! I am not gullible either…., I have actually told people to get off a ladder and go home.

    1. @susie, Susie, you are doing the right thing by paying well! They will keep coming back and help you when no one else can. I recently found out the gardener my hubby has been using since we moved here 14 yrs. ago has no commercial insurance. I was livid!

      Last Thursday, they wanted to mow the lawn in the rain and I ran them off our property! I pulled the owner aside explaining I could not deal with the horror of an accident should the operator slip under the mower slicing up his leg. Additionally I know since his boss has no workmen’s comp, he would sue us! After the homeowners’ ran out, we would be personally responsible in a civil suit. I have seen this in Florida before. This state is so litigious.

  12. You might try using Angie’s List as a way to find vetted contractors for every specialty. My BFF did a remodel on her home in Calabasas (East of Malibu) and found LOTS of willing, eager and trustworthy folks to do all phases from flooring, roofing, tearing down walls, painting, you name it. There are references from old clients on the list you can call to ask questions.

    Because my hubby is a licensed general and painting contractor who mainly works for high worth individuals or through interior designers, often he is called in to re-do work by painters without licenses who show up and give ridiculously low estimates and produce sub-standard work. In effect, these people end up paying 3-4X what the job wd have cost if they had only hired a licensed contractor the first time. One should always hire licensed tradesmen in any field especially due to liability. It would be awful if a workman got injured at your home and your homeowners’ insurance were sued.

  13. Oh room leaks used to be the bane of my existence, and we went through a stream of roofers of all skill-levels before finding a good fit. Amazing how much you learn…

    Hope your roof is fixed now.

    1. @Mardel, Well, it’s supposed to rain this week, maybe, so I hope to find out soon:). The idea of a stream of roofers sounds, um, less than pleasant.

  14. Hope this finds your roof all nice & repaired! It just so happens that here in the Pacific Northwet, we’ve been looking for a roofer too & running into the same thing. Fortunately, after a bit, we too were able to line up someone to do repair job.

  15. Agreeing with AJ Flamingo: Angie’s List has solved all of my problems in this regard. We have had no problem finding people to do the work we needed, and all of the Angie’s recommendations have been good. The old-fashioned “handyman” is still thriving around here as well, and finding a good one is a huge help as they can do, in one visit, a whole list of unrelated small things: change a switch, fix a leak, repair a bit of the plaster. I found my favorite one by asking at the hardware store (trust me, the hardwars stores always know the good guys).

  16. I can totally relate out here in the Hamptons. McMansions abound and no one wants the small jobs…until off-season. Hence, our windows are being replaced in November, along with a bathroom re-do. But I’m excited, so who cares if we freeze for a few days?!?

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