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Where Can I Find Reasonably Priced Cute Reading Glasses?

Ah, reading glasses. One of the universal experiences of aging, that moment when we reset our daily lives just to be able to see close up.

If you asked me, “Lisa, do you wear glasses,” I’d probably say no. But then, if we look closely, I’d have to recant. I wear reading glasses 70% of the time. And not just for reading. As evidence, here are photos from my wedding and reception. In the first, my son is pouring Perrier on me to help remove the red wine I’ve just spilled down my front. I’m holding champagne suede sparkle-toed Jimmy Choos in my hand, so they don’t get wrecked. Elegance ‘R Us.


In the second photo, I’m reading my vows. Glasses make such a nice bridal hairpiece, don’t you think?

All of which is by way of an introduction to my work with They sent me 4 pairs of glasses and asked me to take pictures of myself, full face and outfits, to use in the Collections part of their site. They even awarded me an eponymous pair. Just had to use that word. Behold, the Lisa. Ironically, my first choices were much more subdued, this one we came up with after a few iterations. Artsy despite myself. Thank you universe, and


Would you like to see a few outtakes? Before I understood what was required to actually market glasses, I took some Artsy shots. Faded to translucency in the Sophie.


Channeling our friend The Highland Fashionista in the Tess.


Convict-style, in the Lisa.


And untrammeled hair, fuzzing in the late Berkeley sun, UNIQLO Ines de la Fressange linen blazer, Bottega Veneta hobo, double diamond solitaire necklace, and the Whistler in tortoise.


The site, wholly apart from any of my participation, is easy to navigate, their glasses myriad and fun, prices extremely reasonable. If you need some specs, or are just curious about what the less Artsy photos looked like, I’m over here, in their Influencers Collection. Along with other midlife style bloggers you will recognize and, I suspect, enjoy.

An additional bit of fun in all this. I’m always parsimonious in my glasses-buying, never keeping more than 2-3 pair on hand. This recent abundance brought a new sense of play to the old necessity. Having a whole bunch of reading glasses is kind of like living in your own personal photo filters. Otherwise stated, glasses frames, along with rectangular scarves and dangling earrings, make a wonderful and easily switched out accessory of choice.

Finally, a big thank you to The project was a lot of work, but made me feel very creative and adventurous. All to the good.

P.S. Had to use “parsimonious” too. I guess talking about reading glasses also makes me feel smart, for bonus points.


I received compensation for the project of photo-taking for, but not for this post. Wedding photos by Emilia Jane Photography.

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  1. I am in the midst of getting new specs which I wear full-time. For the past two years, I’ve had some arty-type specs, which I never felt fit my personality. Now, I need to get new ones, and am going back to the ones I wore for ages – slightly rounded tortoise shells.

    1. Yes, I’ve tried all sorts. Somehow the rectangular ones give me the kind of face shape I like. Rounded corner rectangles, like some Ray Ban sunglasses you can find, also work. The rectangles can be large or small. But round/catsye/oval etc. just don’t look right to my eyes.

  2. My close vision began to deteriorate right around the time I turned 40 (too much time in front of a computer screen and reading by dim light in bed), and I began buying inexpensive reading glasses and stashing them all over the house because asking me to keep up with a single pair (or even 2 or 3) was just asking too much.

    Organized I am not.

    About the time I turned 47, I noticed my long vision wasn’t what it used to be, and ended up with lineless bifocals, which remain on my face unless I’m in the shower or asleep. And, unlike my Better Half, who refuses to wear his all the time, I never find myself asking, “Where are my eyes?” (The answer? Usually on his head.)

  3. I recently ordered two pairs of readers from, along with a pair of reader sun glasses. I’m very happy with my purchase.

    1. @E. Jane, Oh great! I have prescription sunglasses – somehow that kind of progressive I can manage. But otherwise I’d definitely go for the readers version. How else to read by the pool?

  4. Oh this post is timed just as I got the call that my new prescription progressive glasses are ready for pick up….yes today!
    Prescription glasses are an investment….Cheaters are affordable and if I could get away with owning them I would choose to have several pairs to suit my moods!
    I like how you got creative here with these glasses.

  5. The seem to be reasonably priced.

    Since readers come on and off a lot I prefer frames with spring hinges. I find that they keep their shape longer.

    I think it really makes a gal look old to be holding things out at arms length, squinting, or the worst — demanding that a spouse or child read things — so monies spent on proper eye wear are just as important as visits to the dentist, dermatologist or hair salon. Good thing you’ve found a place that will keep you young for less.

  6. Somehow I have escaped needing reading glasses at age 63. I am sure they are somewhere in my future though, so thank you for this endorsement.

    I have to ask–did the red wine come out of your wedding dress?

  7. Love the glasses! They ALMOST make me regret switching my contacts to one eye near vision/one eye far vision.

  8. You must try ‘clic’. You get them at they are only around thirty some and you will never lose your glasses again. Many movie stars wear them. Very good options.Also have petite size for small faces.I highly recommend you researching ‘clic’ readers. Also they come in sun glasses.

  9. Cute glasses! I’m with Bungalow Hostess in needing prescription glasses & wishing I could get away with readers. And I’d love to take advantage of those specials where you get, say, 2 frames for the price of one, but in my prescription the lenses are so much more expensive than the frames that I spread the expense out & buy one pair at a time. Oh well, at least they can correct my vision to the point that I’m no longer legally blind & I can drive safely!

  10. We buy them 5-6 pairs at a time. Some people in my house lose theirs all the time.

    At my next eye appointment in a few weeks, I’m going back to single vision lenses. I’ve had progressives and they do none of their jobs particularly well. I need “task” glasses for my computer and readers for close up work. Might as well save myself some money, since I need 3 pairs of glasses anyway.

  11. And! The lipstick in the kissy face picture is perfect! Unless it’s the color of your lips, then yay for you!

    1. @Patsy, It’s a lipstick or lip gloss. I wish I could remember which one. Midlife, when you find the perfect lipstick and you can’t remember its name.

    1. @Anan, Oh, I agree, the pale blues and grays are always going to look better on me. If I could only choose one pair, that’s what I’d wear always. But if I can play around, it’s a fun way to vary the look.

  12. Great-looking glasses!

    Each person, before buying, should know whether readers (ready-made lenses) are right, by having your vision tested. If you need custom (rx) lenses and try to get by with readers, you can have headaches and eye strain. (Can you tell I am the daughter of an opthamologist?)

  13. I’m going to stick with my multi-focal contact lenses. The badge of middle age is the ceramony of taking on/off readers. I’m not ready to earn that badge.

  14. Oh to be able to use readers and have them stashed all over the house. I have to have prescription glasses. Drats. What fun it would be to have a pair of “Lisa” glasses. Oh well.

  15. I buy fairly expensive prescription sunglasses (with readers) but I buy my actual reading glasses at CVS. When something happens to them I’m not devastated.

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