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Host Gifts For The Male High WASP Style Archetypes

Buddha Face Candle Holder

Sometimes, your host is a man. If he’s High WASP or, no matter his background, exhibits telltale similar behaviors, here are a few brief suggestions for gifts on arrival.

Arrive at the Master of the Universe’s party with your smart phone to hand. Take your host aside and tell him, if anyone needs a ride home tonight, the Über bill is on you. If you are boycotting Über for their CEO’s bad behavior, which, granted, the Master probably doesn’t mind, go with Lyft.

Bring the Artsy Cousin something funny but pretty for his meditation practice. Buddha can glow in 1 of 4 colors, so M. Artsy can even dabble in a little Feng Shui.

And to our beloved Professor, give a bottle of wine with erudite references, or wordplay, in the label. For bonus points, tell him he can put the bottle away, it’s all for him. Then give him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, which he will enjoy, albeit with his usual gruff embarrassment. Now go mingle, it’s that time of year.

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  1. Love the wine-with-wink suggestion. I have also found that men appreciate flowers, especially one of the more exotic orchid varieties. I’ve also had good results with boxes of specialty fruits like Honey Bells.

    The taxi-on-me idea is terrific, though seems more of a gift to the reveler than host ;) Cheers!

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