Year: 2014

Packable Sun Hat, Brimmed Straw Hat
Interesting brands

An Object Of Desire: Chic, Packable, Sun Hat

Sun. Ahhhhhh. Followed immediately by, “Yikes! My skin!” I’m going to propose that one thing to spend on is a sun hat you actually like

Mother of the Bride, Over 50, Long
Interesting brands

When A Brand Surprises

Last week I posted some ideas for fancy dresses under $250, at A Practical Wedding. And of course Sky’s The Limit, Net-a-Porter Let Me At


An Object Of Desire: Velvet Blazers

So, if you’re going to wend your way through the world in jeans, tees, and sneakers, you just might dread the Full On Schlump. What

LPC is at A Practical Wedding Today

Today I’m over a A Practical Wedding. This morning, you’ll find photos from my wedding. This afternoon, I heard from a little bird, might bring

Saturday Morning at 8:17am

Thinking this morning about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. I suppose there’s still a very slight chance of survivors, but my thoughts go out to all


By Invitation Only: How Do You Stay Creative?

By Invitation Only is a monthly group posting series, led by Marsha at Splenderosa. You can find today’s other participant posts here. This month, Marsha