Year: 2014


Object Of Desire: Even Tomboys Get Cold Necks

Scarves are popular. And well-documented, by Mai Tai, Deja Pseu, and the Hostess, among others. In silk, a hallmark of the Grande Dame. Fringed, purview


Clearing The Ways, And Letting Them Hide

  In fashion, I err on the side of repression. I wear less color and flash than my personality might support. High WASPs are like


Tailgating With ALL The Gear

So, the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series. I’m always surprised when this happens, we’re too Alternative to be good at sports, right?

Quarterly Blog Break

Hi guys! Time for the usual quarterly blog break. For any of you new to this self-published-time-stamped-upload-images game, I highly recommend planned breaks as a