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La Garçonne 20% Off Current Sale Prices For President’s Day

Today is the last day of La Garçonne’s President’s Day Sale. Home of Tomboy Luxe, they’re giving us 20% off their already discounted sale, which means some items are now 60% off total. And there’s still good stuff available, with the code LGPD20.

20% off $772.00 will take your final price closer to $600. Invest in drama. Maison Martin Margiela does the tulle hem trend, in silk and polyamide. Being adults, we might even smile, and wash our hair.


Or classic shoes from a design house with a legendary name. Rochas lizard-embossed flats. They come in bronze and black, too. Let’s see, at $315 on sale, down from $450, less an additional 20%, that comes to, what, $250-ish?


Or, just a really, really great sweatshirt in 100% cotton waffle weave. Final price with code, around $60.


I think this Philip Lim bag is pretty cute too. If you have today off, enjoy the freedom. If you’re working, well, I bet you’re doing a great job, and I’d like to shake your hand.


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  1. I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve never bought anything on sale. For some reason, it feels like I’m buying some leftover that no one really wanted. All the women (except my daughter) in my family are like that. Weird.

    1. @kathy, I used to be that way too. I have only learned to enjoy sale shopping from doing it online. For one thing, there are no crowded racks online. For another, I can more clearly judge quality of items when I can check them on multiple sites. And I’ve now done so much reading about fashion that I have a clearer understanding of brands, of how retailers can overboy, and the effect of “seasons” on inventory. That said, final sales are tough, when you can’t try things on. When I have bought something doesn’t fit, if it’s too big I give it to my mom or my tall daughter, too small, to my sister:).

    2. @kathy,
      Wow, I found this comment fascinating; for the first time, I hear an explanation for a mindset so completely different from my own! I never ever buy anything full price, unless it is an absolute basic that I really do need (I rarely find that bras that fit me properly, for example, are on sale). I feel if anything that it is a mark of distinction if a garment I admired full price remains for the final sale; my taste is, I gather, somewhat unusual, and therefore better ;-) Furthermore, the less I pay for something, the more lovely somethings I can afford. I feel that there will always be plenty, I never absolutely have to have this exact skirt right now – the same one for half price next week will do me just as well. Or maybe the next I find, prettier yet, if this one is gone. Isn’t it great, how different people are!

    3. @kathy, @Jessica, It is wonderful, that people are different, and that they respect each other’s differences as you do here. I wonder, did you get the bargain gene from your family? Or learn to love a discount later in life?

    4. @kathy, I also found this comment interesting as I hate to pay full price unless it is something basic that I need (again like Jessica I always buy my bras full price). One of the advantages and, at the same time, disadvantages to being a size 4 is that it is not a popular size. Thus, the stores do not stock many of that size in any given item so it is hard to find but sometimes it is left because there are not as many people to buy it. Am I making sense? Anyway, I often will find a bargain for something really beautiful that would not have been affordable for me, just because they had not sold it due to the size. In the end, I just love a bargain!

  2. Ah, one of the many benefits of being a size 12 – all the things I like are eXtra smalls.

    The Gap was running 40% and has been on a roll with casual blouses, not to mention 1969 Western shirts. One of my favorites.

  3. Since I already have a clone of that sweatshirt, and would look, well, just silly in the dress. (I am trying, in vain to imagine an occasion in my life where it would be appropriate) I am well on my way to saving a bundle. The shoes and purse are fairly classic and to my taste, but since I am working on building the family fortune rather than watching it fade I will just enjoy your enjoyment. It is always fun to look.

    1. @Kathy D., Oh, I love that dress! I’d wear it a lot if we were the social types, out and about in SF. And yes, it is always fun to look at beautiful things.

    2. @Kathy D., I, too, had a hard time seeing myself in that dress but on second thought decided it would be fun to wear it just because it is so different. I love seeing your choices, Lisa! It opens my eyes to new things.

  4. Having fun looking for event clothes, wedding/reunion, later this year. Shoes, dresses, casual.


    Of course, may revert to tried/true and quite old but timeless… shoes only. Just out of lazyness !

    A penny saved is a plant bought.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  5. I love reading all the comments. I agree with Jane and Jessica! I love the challenge of finding great pieces on sale. And it pretty much all goes on sale eventually. Any one can pay full price, but why?? There’s no fun in that.

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