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Use The Shopbop Sale To Get Ready For Spring

Shopbop, an online store featuring many of the slight edgier but still mainstream designers, has a sale on. It’s tiered – meaning the percentage given depends on how much you spend – and uses the code: BIGEVENT15. I’m going to buy a pair of Citizens of Humanity white jeans for spring. I had been eyeing them, just yesterday, so clearly the universe is telling me the time has come. (If you hightail it over to Une Femme, coincidentally, she’s gone black for this event. Something for everyone!)

I’m also going to stock up on tees and tanks. I’ve figured out that I like a wider-leg, narrower-top silhouette for this life of Extreme Casual. So, to treat my midlife midriff gently, I layer tops. One long, underneath, to make sure I am always covered up and provide a little stripe of color contrast, one shorter, looser, neutral, above.

And, I confess, I’ve always wanted white sunglasses and white Birkenstocks. Bringing resort life to Whole Foods, Monday, Wednesday, and alternate Fridays.

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  2. I’ve never been a fan of Birkenstocks even in their heyday but those white ones are tempting me.

    1. @E. Jane, A pair of the white ones, size 36, are now wending their way to me. I wore the bejeezus out of my gray suede Arizonas last summer, and I am hoping to get similar, albeit probably slightly less, wear out of these. We shall see!

    2. @E. Jane, OK, I just contacted customer service and apparently the Birkenstocks run small so a 37 is the equivalent of a US size 6.

    3. @E. Jane, Hmm. I wear a 36, and my US shoe size is 6.5 – 7 in sports shoes and 7.5 in dress. P.S. if you can get the soft footbed, do.

    4. @E. Jane, Shoes like that look nice in small sizes, but in my size (10.5-11), they look like boats! If they’re even available …

    5. @E. Jane, Thanks for the heads up on the sizing. From online reviews, it seems that the shoe runs large so you are correct.

  3. Yes to the white sunglasses and birks. I actually own some white sunglasses from said Shopbop (the mcqueen pair) and was just thinking I need the white jcrew slides for spring. White in the winter is my favorite thing now since everything here in nyc is so dirty and bleak. Hope all is well Lisa!
    xo Mary Jo

  4. I love your two tee idea, would work well for me, as the looser tee being the “third piece”. I had a white sandal hankering last summer – only ended up wearing them if I was wearing all black or army green – on me, anything else looked strange.

    1. @kathy, Thinking about it, maybe that loose tee is sort of a “California blazer;).” I’m hoping I can wear white jeans and white Birks – since the jeans will be distressed boyfriends – and keep the tops pale. Now that I’ve gone gray the all pale look works much better for me. But we will see when the goods arrive.

    1. Ha! I ordered them a size smaller than the blue ones I have. Perhaps that will ease the pain:).

  5. Great for Spring! The narrow top/wider leg or hem is absolutely me, originally to rebalance too broad shoulder/too narrow hips but I couldn’t agree with you more about needing to be kind to our middle section now.

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