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Tea And Epidemics, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:04am

This morning I will be having tea with Maryn McKenna, a journalist and author who specializes in public health, global health and food policy. How did that come to pass? These pages. I urge any of you who think about writing a blog, as long as you can carve out several hours a week and establish a routine, go ahead. It’s quite a journey.

In other important news, it rained last night in California. Plants are celebrating all around us.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Lisa, I hope you are feeling better and are able to enjoy this spring weekend. Can’t wait to hear your accounting of your tea with Mary McKenna. Global health and food policy right now seem as out of whack as Global warming and energy policy. Certainly we all need to what we can do individually to make the global footprint of growing and consuming of food as small as possible.

  2. Sounds like an fun meet-up.
    I used to ride the bus to work with a fellow who was an epidemiologist and he was good for interesting stories.

  3. As it turned out, we talked more personally than professionally. Now that I know you all are interested, perhaps I can find a way to bring her expertise here. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised:). Smart people like complex topics.

  4. We talked about families, flattering colors, old watches, business organization, school uniforms, body image and wine. And had, speaking for myself, a marvelous time. :)

    1. Seconded. A wonderful couple of hours conversation. And perhaps, if you can spare a few minutes another day, I will ask you a few questions about the content of your work for the readers here;).

  5. It’s lovely how blogs can connect us.

    Nothing like rain on a parched thirsty garden x

  6. I’m sure you know the Louden Wainright song: When it’s Grey in LA… I find it so bizarre that there’s cause for celebration when rain arrives – though I remember how stressful non-precipitation can be (my parents used to live in Santa Barbara). If I could go 3 weeks with only sunny skies, I think it would change my life – well, for those 3 weeks! Looking forward to reading about your meet up.

  7. I love leisurely get-togethers for tea – so civilized. I’m happy for you that it finally rained!

    1. It was an oasis of civilization in the vast wasteland of the silicon part of Silicon Valley:).

  8. The site won’t let me comment on your comment, but yes, I’d be happy to do a Q&A or blog-chat; let me know what format works.

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