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Thank You To That’s Not My Age And To The Guardian

I’m very grateful and flattered to be included in Alyson Walsh’s article, “Getting married over 40: fashion for the meringue-averse bride,” up today on the Guardian’s online site. Alyson, the author of both the blog, That’s Not My Age, and a new book, Style Forever: The Grown-Up Guide to Looking Fabulous, has written about wedding style over 40. As always, she is witty and unpretentious, with style for miles. You should see the other brides she features.

Thank you Alyson, and to the Guardian as well. All photo credit goes to Emilia Schobeiri, of Emilia Jane Photography. She is, as I understand it, quite willing to travel.



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    1. @Amanda, Thanks! I’m not familiar with the Guardian, particularly, but I do love Alyson. That sly dry humor. I guess I should say humour;).

  1. That is a wonderful photo of you on your wedding day. Congrats on making it into the article. My father tailored the suits that Mick and Bianca wore on their wedding day (included in the article).

    1. @Chronica Domus, Thank you! Alyson is a blog friend, I was honored that she asked me to interview! And your dad tailored those suits?!?!?! What a legacy! No wonder you have such a great taste.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! It’s great to see the different ways women can rock their beauty and express themselves at different stages of life.

    I will be getting married this summer; my fianc√© and I are both in our mid-late 30s. Being a bit older than the traditional bride does give me some wisdom and perspective on what’s important. I really do not want a puffy white dress… But then again, my 20-something self wouldn’t have wanted that either!

    1. @Danielle, Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! Enjoy your raiment, it’s really fun to celebrate:).

    2. Thank you, Lisa! I had to look up “raiment,” what a great word :)

      Just this week I found my raiment, a lovely lilac J. Crew bridesmaid dress in silk chiffon. Can’t wait to spin around in it!

  3. i am grateful for the article as it has brought me to your blog. I have just spent the last hour over a long breakfast on this beautifully sunny May Day reading your posts. Looking forward to reading more in the future!

    1. Thank you:). You know I was all Apriori-ed up before I put on any makeup that day;).

  4. Oh how exciting! You, of course, rocked the whole wedding thing.

    I managed to slide in, right under the wire, at 39 years, 3 months.

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