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If I Were Stopping By J. Crew Today

We have a J. Crew in my neighborhood, as I imagine do many of you. I find their merchandising displays enchanting. The color mix!

But if I were stopping by today, or this weekend, I’d try these on. I’ve been sending the universe requests for 100% cotton non-dowdy khakis for donkey’s years; maybe these are they. 100% cotton gets me the straight line from lower hip joint to hem that I prefer.

Boyfriend Khakis

I might have liked to have given these a shot,

J. Crew White Selvedge Jeans
but I recently bought, and am wearing, these,

White Boyfriend Jeans



so I think I’m set for white jeans. Although, had I found the J. Crew version first, I might have shelled out extra cash for the privilege of making my own holes in the knees.

I’m dressing often in a palette of soft neutrals these days, tan, white, light gray, dark gray. Works well with gray hair and blue eyes. Perhaps a little odd to wear the colors of your bathroom, but we’ll keep that to ourselves.


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    1. Yes, and you found a perfect flowy piece, while I focus on structure. Despite their recent earnings blip, J. Crew does some things really right.

  1. The khakis must be good as they’re backordered in most sizes it seems. I’ve sort of found that khakis that weren’t dowdy might be an age thing. Every pair I try makes me look like I’m ready for golf.

    1. @kathy, Ha! Golf and I are not friends. These are apparently quite low in the crotch, so either super edgy or completely horrid. I’d hope that on my long waist, not horrid.

  2. Save yourself the trip: The khakis are available online only … when they’re available. (Back-ordered till May 4 in all sizes.)

    1. @Nancy, Oops. Thanks for the info. Well, I am a big fan of online shopping. Just want to make sure to remind myself that a world exists outside my screen:).

  3. I seem to be gravitating to neutrals myself lately, although with all the gorgeous spring colours, it’s hard to remember that, in the end, what I reach for, daily, from the closet, is not what’s seducing me in the shops. .

    1. That’s exactly it. And I find I like a good mix of neutrals, gray and brown and white altogether, and FEEL like it’s color even when it isn’t;).

  4. I stopped by my Talbots and bought the same as the first two at the top. The Weekend Khaki is what they call the first one and it has the rolled up cuffs. The white jeans are their Signature Ankle jeans and I rolled the cuff on those, too, for a more cropped look. I am long-waisted so I really appreciate the higher waist – these sit just below the waist. Both are seeing a lot of use already!

  5. Love the white jeans. Khakis are not always my friend…although I did have a pair in the 90’s that I bought at Holt Renfrew and wore to death. They have to fit perfectly in the bum, with a fairly narrow leg… or with my short body they look… full and frumpy. And will earn NO fulsome praise from me. Not sure why I have to write using alliteration all the time these days:)

  6. I was reading an article about J.Crew and they attributed some of their sales malise to their small range of pant styles. I wouldn’t know because I never shop there, but it sounds as if some of their solution to their sales slump is going to be more styles of pants.

    1. @RoseAG, I noticed they are now offering high-waisted jeans for the first time in a long time. I may well buy some, and I haven’t bought J Crew jeans in decades. So their analysis may be correct!

      1. It will be fun to watch and see what happens. I love correlating little anecdotes like this to actual trends.

    2. @RoseAG, The salesperson at Madewell told me that high-waisted is the way to go now. They certainly are more comfortable and flattering as they hold you in and don’t cause muffin top.

  7. Should you decide you want more holey white jeans, Old Navy’s got ’em for $29.97. Boyfriend, even!

    1. @Patsy, Ha! Those are half polyester. I have SOME shame. My father thought I was kidding when I wore the ones I have to dinner the other night;).

  8. OK, now I have to eat my words as I just bought a pair of denim jeans with holes. I couldn’t resist – they were just so comfortable :-)

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