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The Beauty Of Flowers Who Have Met Their True Love


You all may remember Mr. D., the delphinium I grew from seed.

Delphiniums take forever to germinate. I had given up hope when I saw the first 3 teeny leaves. I held my breath, hoped, realized he wasn’t getting enough light on my back patio, brought him inside, watered him, fed him, realized he still wasn’t getting enough light, put him in the front yard. Fed him again.

He went nuts.

In the fullness of time, it became clear that Mr. D. would never reach his full potential in my front yard. My stepmother, Brigitte Carnochan, is both a gardener and a photographer. She decorates with flowers in containers, particularly on her back deck, where we Northern California-residing family members will often meet for dinners. Seemed like she might like Mr. D., and he might like her.

Yes. Yessity yes, yes, yes.

Delphinium 5-2-15-8 by Brigitte Carnochan

In black and white.

Delphinium 5-2-15-16-3 by Brigitte Carnochan

Deeply colored.

Delphinium 5-2-15-15 by Brigitte Carnochan

Delphinium 5-2-15-12 by Brigitte Carnochan


Delphinium 5-2-15-16 by Brigitte Carnochan


That last, in particular. It looks like summer in California feels.

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  1. Oh my! That is stunning! I’ve never had delphiniums. The landscapers planted two, but nursery plants, not from seed. One might survive. The watering system people, thinking it was a weed, piled rocks on one of them and now it is a sad little thing that looks like it has been in a terrible fight.

    1. @kathy, Made me respect the wonderful unpredictability of the natural world, the whole “is it growing is it not” process.

  2. Wow absolutely beautiful! I hope you don’t mind if I pin these pictures. True love match indeed!

    1. Absolutely don’t mind, pinning is to be encouraged! I made sure to name them with Brigitte Carnochan so that pinning should give correct attribution if done using the menu bar.

  3. Doncha just love gardening goodies from both Whole Foods and Trader Joes? You have inspired me to get some seeds next time I go. I get lavender from TJ every year.

    1. I have to look the other way to avoid coming away with potted plants, all the time.

  4. Fabulous! Well done. So hard to grow these and Mr. D. looks perfectly lovely. I think you should consider growing Mrs. D., Miss D., and Master D. now.

    1. Thank you! I suspect that this was my one-and-done. He took on a life such that it was almost like having a pet!

  5. I’m not really that keen on this particular type of flower, but I have to say that the photographs really pop.

    Probably I’d keep the photos and skip the plant.

  6. Delphinimums are you. I make this statement with utter certainty. Some women are roses, some are dahlias; you are a delphinium.

  7. Love your last line. This is a beautiful flower with a delicate countenance. The color is just exquisite..can’t separate the dancer from the dance here…in the photograph as well as the flower.

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