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Flowers In The House, Apricot Rose Edition

It’s time for Flowers In The House. Jane over at Small But Charming occasionally hosts a blogger linkup in which everyone posts photos of, unsurprisingly, Flowers In Their Houses.

These are my apricot roses, in a brief moment of integrity before they begin to drop scented petals on the floor.


Which may be their way of mourning the lost sun. After all, they started here.


If you’d like to see more flowers, and it’s Monday, so perhaps you might, the other links are here. If you have a Flowers in the House post, please feel free to link up. And, if you do visit, please tell Jane you hope her (minor but still) surgery goes well.

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  1. Oooh. Pretty! I don’t have a blog, but I have wonderful white lilacs. Besides, they’re mostly about the scent. Smell-a-blog? The mind boggles.

  2. Apricot roses? swooning over here, is the scent as lovely as the shape and color?

    Thank you Lisa, so nice to come home too.

    xo J

    1. @flwjane, The scent is very pretty. I’ll have to go sniff all my rose bushes and write something about how they all differ. It’s like wine tasting, isn’t it! So glad you are home, rest up!

  3. Beautiful. Apricot and peach roses are my favorite. These are beautiful. Happy Monday.

  4. Such a beautiful color and such an attractive shaped bloom too. Do you know its name or is it long forgotten? I can only imagine how fragrant it is.

    Off to visit Jane now, so thanks for the introduction. I occasionally post a series I’ve named “What’s Blooming Inside”, which sounds to be in line with “Flowers In The House”.

    1. @Chronica Domus, You are welcome. Perfect that this aligns with your series. I really enjoy your blog. And the name is long forgotten. I really should make a plant inventory, but I do love the fantasy that this is all wild, here by accident, self-created.

  5. I’m wasting time, trying to avoid going back out into the garden to clean up my tools and truly be finished for the day, checking out all the blogs that have linked up with Jane for Flowers in the House. What a joy to see that you have roses! Alas, mine here are still buds with promise, weeks from opening. Thank you for sharing yours with this rose-starved soul.

  6. What a stunning color and they’re so plush I feel as if I can smell them because if they look like that the aroma must be intoxicating!

  7. Pretty pretty, nothing better than fresh blooms from the garden to brighten the house, and I’m sure the scent is divine! Here in Madeira we have some exotic beauties including the bird of paradise, it’s stunning shape and colour never fails to impress me.

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