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If I Were Stopping By Macy’s Today

If I were stopping by Macy’s today, I’d notice in the window that they’re having a 25% off Friends and Family sale. Wandering the floors, I might decide to finally pick up a pair of amethyst earrings.

Drop Amethyst Earrings

They are ostensibly $300, then half off in that frequent department store discount habit to $150, and then an additional 25% off for Friends and Family. Which brings us to, muttering under my breath as I arithmetic it out, $112.50 for 14K gold and ~6 carats of amethyst. Amethysts perhaps irradiated, but for a splash of purple I can forgive.

Those of you with warm coloring might prefer these in citrine.

In truth, I don’t know if the sale extends to bricks and mortar, I admit to flights of fancy. Today online, however, Macy’s has many, many goods at 25% off with the code FRIENDS, with free shipping for orders over $99.

They seem to be experiencing heavy traffic, maybe due to sale popularity, so perhaps keep trying if at first you don’t get through.

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  1. Lisa these are so very gorgeous!!
    Amethyst is one of my favorite semi-precious stones!

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