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The Sale At J. Crew Just Got Really Good

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I have long since admitted to myself that if I could shop at one and only one sole-branded retailer (we’re not talking department stores or multi-designer sites), it’d have to be J. Crew. I know they’ve gotten a little wacky lately but if you look, they still do that mix of color and classic and insouciance we have known and loved so well for so long.

There’s a heckuva sale going on right now – you can take 30%-40% more off the sale prices shown below, with the code GOSHOPPING.

See what you think. I should probably get another of those blue Vintage Cotton V-Neck Tees. I wore mine right out.

Those are only a few of the classic things that caught my eye. If you’re in the mood for just a little wacky, however, there’s this.


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16 Responses

  1. Our brick and mortar has been giving additional 50% off sale merchandise! My guess is this is all stores. :-)

    1. It’s not lined, I wore it until this year when I started to want something more edgy. That said, the jacket itself is in perfect shape. In fact, maybe I should have another blog sale and pass it on – although the sale might be now offering it for essentially the price of a used one? It is the perfect jacket for San Francisco – blocks all the wind, but doesn’t make you hot.

    2. @AK,

      Oh sorry, I’m not a stalker. It’s just that I live in the sticks and wouldn’t know edgy if I saw it.

  2. I availed mysef of the sale and bought a summer suit for work – all of mine from last year are too big! Insert happy face.

  3. Gimme UK- & US-based Boden anytime. Much less expensive: terrific prints, shoes from Italy, great tailoring. JCrew has been copying them for a while and now so is Garnet Hill. I closed my JCrew acct. last year but not before they offered me $50 in GCs.

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