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Not-So-Talky, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:40am

Seems I’ve done a lot of talking lately. So this morning, I’ll just pin some Saturday mornings things to my Pinterest board called, appropriately, What To Do On Saturday Mornings. Have a great weekend guys, talky or not-so-talky as you choose. Smooches to everyone what wants them.


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  1. We’re having a nice Saturday here in Chatham, Massachusetts getting ready for my daughter’s wedding which is tomorrow. Rehearsal in about 45 minutes. Eeeee! Hope your Saturday is enjoyable, too :) Cheers!

  2. Good gosh amighty, not the best time for you to come back from a meetup all lock-jawed and over-raptured — it IS Fashion Week NYC, after all. Sleep well, get restored, there’s reporting to do!

  3. Just came home for the first time since my daughter had her son on Wednesday night. Talked out, worked out, cooked out, laundried out. I love your Pinterest Board, and may lay in bed all day tomorrow looking at it. XO

  4. Hope you had a wonderful not so talky day. I hope you’ve had a wonderful and quiet weekend. I may even be too tired to ogle your pinterest board.

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