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Object of Desire: Rag & Bone Stretch Corduroy Blazer

Look at this perfect black blazer from Rag and Bone. You can get one of the few that remain if you act now. I’m trying not to, as I really ought to dedicate all resources to things like upholstery.

Rag & Bone Stretch Corduroy


But stretch corduroy, with brass buttons? For fall? A camel coat layered over it, if it’s a cold fall? Sigh. Via net-a-porter, unsurprisingly.


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  1. My very first big-girl clothing item was a navy cotton corduroy blazer from Brooks Brothers. Went shopping with my Dad on his semi-annual sock and hanky re-supply!

  2. Love corduroy almost as much as tweed. And also Rag and Bone. I’d never worn anything from R&G until last summer…and found my long, gauzy, black R&G tank that I bought for our Paris trip to be divine. Upholstery I love …not so much. So permanent… it scares me to even try to update our sadly out-of-date living room furniture. When Hubby finally puts his bum through the sofa… then I’ll have no choice.

    1. @Sue Burpee, Ha! Maybe your husband will enjoy picking upholstery the way he like to garden? And, now that you mention it, I do remember that you are a Rag&Bone woman.

  3. In the calculus (or is it more non-Euclidean geometry?) of buying clothes, I find this blazer a far more versatile piece than the Kenzo sweatshirt you were considering. Really, could anything be more wearable? But I understand the need for upholstery, too. (Or is that why they invented throws?)

    1. @Duchesse, Good point about the throws:). Oddly, I would have worn the Kenzo more often, most likely. I live in jeans and khakis, and I don’t mind wearing the same top if it’s fabulous. I just love having clothes I can throw on to hide a multitude of sins. That said, yes, the blazer is awfully versatile. And beautiful. And classic. And special;).

  4. Oooh. I just bought 2 new blazers. One black knit (old navy). One dark green stretch corderouy(LL Bean). Love them both. Nothing nicer than blazers in the fall, so versatile. For a cheapie brand, the Old Navy one is fully lined, has actual pockets and sleeve buttons that button. Oh, and its machine washable.

  5. Maybe to think once again:-). What can one lovely poor lttle jacked do to upholstery :-)?

  6. Two things would discourage me from purchasing this elegant jacket, assuming they carried my size, which I highly doubt (16W). It would show lint, and I live in a house full of dust thanks to my husband’s book collection. It would show cat hair and we have four cats. It would be a magnet for both.

    Anyway, I’m in a shop my closet frame of mind. I don’t plant to buy anything except some rubber rain shoes for the wet winter we are supposed to have in Southern California.

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