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8 Simple Things Even A Complicator Can Believe

I may be a complicator. Made up word. I often find myself reasoning through something simple for others. I thought today I’d give complications a rest. We can all hold a few ideas to be self-evident.

  1. People, by and large, love their children. Or try to. Be nice to moms in supermarkets.
  2. Almost everyone will find a flower beautiful. Don’t overuse this power.
  3. We slow down as we age. This is both good and difficult.
  4. To sustain a long term relationship you will have to at some point suspend judgment.
  5. Eat well, feel well.
  6. Preparation creates the best outcomes, unless you’re in immediate danger. Or no danger at all.
  7. Truth is almost always the best policy. And since the “almost” is subtle, I say to myself, “This is as true as I can make it.” That places the burden on me and my conscience to do a good job.
  8. Almost nothing is absolute. Answers occasionally reveal themselves if we wait a little while.

And in the spirit of #3, #4, and #6, I will tell you that I broke my rule today of writing nothing in advance for Saturdays. Yesterday I scribbled some notes as I stood in my kitchen making chili. I worried I’d forget my thoughts.

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend everyone, or, as absolute as you can make it.

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  1. I think I will print this out … for the many times its thoughtfulness will be just what I need to read (and reflect on). Thank you for these.

  2. I like having a list of things that are fairly close to being absolutes. And, I think it is okay to think about and jot down some notes about your Saturday post.

  3. Perfection is over rated.I’m not at all high or whatever WASP ( catholic,from east/southern Europe,I’m only white and blue eyed blonde),but was raised with very similar values :-). A little imperfection liberate,I have learned.
    Our poet said :”In this world only change is constant”(P. Preradovic) Translation is mine and I am to blame,he said it more beautiful than me.
    “Truth is always best policy”,yes ,this liberates,too,except when you have to lie a little,to console someone
    I like very much ” This is as true as I can make it”,can I use this when in need(or in danger :-)?
    All people love their children or have good intentions to love them,no?
    My dear lady,you are very good and wise,even without preparation :-)
    Have a nice weekend,

  4. Hey, if you want to make notes that result in a thought-provoking post, who are we to judge? Good thoughts.

    1. @Mary anne, Well thanks:). It’s true, the “all in one morning” rule is my own and self-imposed. But having set it, I do want to be truthful if and when I break it.

  5. “Paralysis-by-Analysis” is my (overly complicated) middle name, so I truly appreciate this thought-provoking list. Favorites are #5, 7, and 8. Number 8 in particular is maddeningly true, the bane and joy of adult decision-making.

  6. These brief aphorisms and ideas are interesting!

    I wonder how one “overuses the power” of Idea #2. Perhaps where you live, the lavish abundance of blooms invites overuse, but what is that? too many bouquets in a room? A busy, cluttered landscape?

    Perhaps you would be willing to develop that intriguing idea into a post.

    1. @Duchesse, I had in mind the easy use of flower photos in social media. But it’s also true they are used in landscapes just for their prettiness sometimes, and their vegetative realities are ignored. But I like your ideas too.

  7. In my world nothing is absolute nor perfect. Believe it or not, this makes my world easier for me and everyone around me.


  8. Perfect, it’s just what I needed to read today. Will be reading it tomorrow as well. My life is complicated at the moment, and I’m trying very hard not to overthink, complicate, or project too much, so thank you for this most lovely post.

  9. I love this! Number 8 resonates with me a lot. A number of complications over the last few years have trained (the control freak) me to “let the Universe unfold” and it’s helps SO much.

    Your blog is excellent. I’m a regular reader but prefer to stay in the background.

    1. @Kris, Let the universe unfold” is a wonderful saying. It reminds me to breathe, thank you. And please feel free to stay as far in the background as you like. Your reading is in and of itself an honor.

  10. Love that you titled the post “8 Simple Things…” And didn’t say “THE 8 Simple Things…” We are bombarded by absolute statements (almost) everywhere…particularly since both your country and mine are gearing up for elections.
    As always (and I do mean always) you give us something to “chew” on.

  11. 8 perfect things that I needed to read, and probably need to think about occasionally, complicator that I am. When I forget, well, things grow more complicated. Thank you.

  12. #4…Haha! I remember hearing this at some point in early married life, which means I was in my early 20’s, and I distinctly recall thinking, “Not I!” It happens to all of us, eventually. I now refer to my hubby as “My knight in tarnished armor.” He says it’s much easier to live off of the pedestal.

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