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The (Graphic, Japanese) One That Got Away

 Kenzo Eye in BlackI’ve been ogling this Kenzo sweatshirt for donkey’s years. Seemed it might work wonders for  Extreme Casual jeans and khakis. Dramatic, but it’s amazing what a little art will do for an outfit that is otherwise, essentially, pajamas.

Kenzo Eye in Peacock

A couple of weeks ago I saw a version in this gorgeous shade of peacock blue, perfect for my coloring, online at Nordstrom. But it cost $300. Surely, I thought to myself, I can do better?

I hunted, and found one that looked to be a similar shade for far less money. But it was maybe too green?

By the time I decided it was peacock or die (you know where this is heading), too late. Someone else, somewhere else, is wearing my Eye. She who hesitates gets a bargain – or loses. Risk/return. They taught us that in business school.

The Eye is out there in other colors. Crimson, in girls’ size 14, for aspiring Harvardians. And Kenzo does makes other designs, a big ol’ tiger, for example. But I’m pretty much tigered out. Then there’s the all-over eye sweatshirt. Too creepy by half.

So I’m considering this one, new for fall. But it’s even more expensive. Huh. Maybe I’ll just talk about it and look at its picture. Sometimes that’s enough.

Or perhaps I could look to Commes des Garçons Play, for my graphic Japanese design fix. I’ve loved their striped tee. But I’d want this in a sweatshirt, and so far Commes des Garçons doesn’t seem to be doing sweatshirts. It’s OK. This is the looking phase of fall shopping. I may never buy this, but if you do, come tell me so I can get a few vicarious thrills.


Finally, let me tell you that I edited my first sentence here so that it didn’t say, “I’ve been eyeing this Kenzo sweatshirt…” You’re ever so welcome. Absolutely any time.


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  1. “similar shade but maybe too green?”

    IMHO and WDIK, but: No! Not too green at all, just peacockier is all it is!

  2. Having just spent $8.00 for a Hanes sweatshirt from Amazon, your Kenzo and it’s price tag are coronary inducing. I like sweatshirts too, they are great with jeans,khakis, flannel pajamas, and, yes even sweat pants. Mine is a very nice charcoal grey, but no really cool artwork. Works for me.

    We are all different in our needs and tastes. I love your taste and can’t wait to “see” what you end up with. I could talk about your vision in the fashion world, but that would be a sight bit much.

    1. @Mary anne, Hahahahaha.” Keep the puns coming. And I think my revived loved of sweatshirts began with a charcoal Hanes one that belonged to my son. We are all different in some ways, and exactly the same in others.

  3. I say, if you’re going to get a great sweatshirt, go for the one without a name across the front.

    1. @RoseAG, I agree with that almost all the time. There are logos that, in my mind, transcend obnoxious self-promotion, at least in certain instantiations. Of course, in person, I also might find the logo too In Your Face.

  4. The ones that get away. Sometimes quickly forgotten, sometimes they haunt clothes shopping for years. (Let me tell you about a scuba style metallic leather jacket. . . ) Sometimes there is a second chance in returns or ebay. And sometimes, finally, there is a new obsession that drives out thoughts of the “one that got away”.

  5. I’m sorry for Kenzo,know the feeling! And like black and peacock. Maybe there is something you’ll like more,don’t be sad
    McQ birds are to gray? To many,a flock?
    I have to start wearing sweatshirts again
    My son is away so I’ll go to his closet and see what we have there, for a start :-)

  6. Have you ever considered buying a less expensive plain shirt but still very good quality, and embellishing it yourself. It’s not hard, could be fun, could give you a lot of pleasure and save you a wad of dough.
    Just sayin’…

    1. @Vancouver Barbara, If I felt my design sense were as good as the Kenzo team, I’d do it in a flash! I’m not very good at crafts though:( The right person would have a wonderful time doing that.

  7. How easy this would be to reproduce with a few $$’s worth of fabric paint. Go for it. You’ll have fun. Eye would make one for you if you lived closer ;)

  8. I’d pull out the old embroidery skills (taught by my high wasp grandmaters) and bedazzle my own gray sweatshirt.

  9. I think the two sweatshirts are the same color – just different photographers and lighting. I love it – go for it. I feel this logo really works.

    1. @kathy, Now it’s out of stock in my size:(. Except at at store in the Netherlands and they don’t ship to the US. She who hesitates is lost.

    2. @kathy, Even though it’s sold out, I’m mentally going through sizing paces questioning what size long-waisteds such as I/you would select given that the 100% cotton shirt starts out moderately cropped, add several trips through the wash/dry cycle and we know it’s going to draw up in the body and sheeves, that crop is going to wind up closer to the waistline…just cogitating out loud…where would you have wanted the length to settle and what size would you have ordered?

  10. My WASP friends would have worn the Hanes sweatshirt with a button down shirt peeking out at the neck and cuffs, and invested the rest of the $ in a purse shoes…but the heart wants what the heart wants I suppose.

    1. @kathy, Yes, and that’s the look my family left behind when they moved to California. All of this is now much clearer to me, what has the West Coast wrougnt…

  11. I love a cheesy pun!
    And I love that sweatshirt, altho in A$ it would be even more eyewateringly expensive. But sometimes you just gotta have a treat.

  12. Ah, the one that got away! How well I know that feeling in all its permutations. I like the Kenzo heart. It should be a sweatshirt.

  13. I love a good, soft sweatshirt that mellows as you wear it- but will be double-damned if I’ll wear anything that features a designer-any designer’s- name on my chest. (And fold scarves so inevitable logo is hidden.)

    Dealbreaker even if I adore the style. Eager to see what you find!

    1. @Duchesse, I used to feel like that, as I have immersed myself in fashion I have come to appreciate an artistic logo. Hate the Michael Kors dongle, for example, like some uses of Chanel’s, etc.

  14. I hate when I fail to launch a purchase like that, and lose it. For some reason the ones that got away drive me very crazy.
    But of course having met me yesterday, you know I am crazy. It was great fun. I’ll look forward to that glass or two of wine with you.

  15. I just got a hand me down sweatshirt from my son. It is a Tahoe Rim Trail sweatshirt that we originally gave to him, and was a fundraising item for the organization. MI don’t remember how much it cost, but they got all the profits.

  16. YOU do not need a $300.00 sweatshirt……………….in my opinion!Keep shopping and see what else you can find.Maybe in a year or two it will end up at your local thrift shop and YOU will SCORE BIG TIME!

  17. I love the idea of embroidery, but my first thought was a grey sweatshirt, stamps and pads, and some kindergartners to go at it. They are so fearless with color.

  18. Never mind the dramatic peacock eye, I’m focused on “donkey years.” I’ve heard of dog years, but never donkey years. Meaning?!? ;-)

    1. I like the design. It’d be too high contrast for me – but great design. Thank you for thinking of me:).

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