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Achoo, Honk, Hack, Nnnnng, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:22am

Yesterday I was pretty sure I had the flu. Today I’m willing to concede it might be just some other mean virus bringing a cough, sneezes, aches, pains, the need to sleep, headaches and a dodgy gut.

I’m in a pretty good mood nevertheless.

Husband is home; I’m wearing a hoodie OVER a cashmere sweater and drinking tea from a 20 oz mug; I feel so much better today than yesterday that natural cheerfulness takes over and says, “Look! You’re getting better! Good thing you didn’t spend Thanksgiving with family and infect everyone!”

Pollyannas Unite.

One last question before I return to the prone position. When you’re sick do you find yourselves vocalizing “Nnnnnnng,” or maybe “Hoonnnnnggggg,” as a way to express the feeling in your sinuses? No? An annoying habit I must claim as my own. Very well then. Have a nice weekend everybody, I do not begrudge you your good health one bit.


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  1. I hope you are feeling better very soon–and what you have is not the flu! I’m glad someone is a Pollyanna. I’m afraid that is not my personality–today battling with passwords and computer connectivity issues. I am not amused!

  2. Nnnnng Hoonnng Mrmmmmg Rurrmgng Urungg, I just call that purring, and yes I purr on the exhale mostly in bed in middle of night, like after a flipover on way to a new snooze, do you gain calm from making the sounds like I do? Is this TMI yet?

    Enjoy a nice afternoon snooze, purring away…

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Currently plagued by back problems which makes me wonder if I’m spending way too much time sitting… at the…ahem… computer. Wonder if Hubby can rig me up a temporary standing desk from which to blog??? Recommend tea with honey and lemon and a good mystery novel…. for you that is:)

    1. @Sue Burpee, My standing desk is from the side of an Ikea pigeonhole bookcase, using two “Linnimon” brackets to bolt a small shelf to the bookcase. I think they are fairly secure, but have added a single leg in addition against the wall, just for security of my laptop.

      I imagine there may be other places that offer similar brackets, or perhaps other styles may suit your purpose. One important note though, was that purchasing an anti-fatigue mat was essential in adapting to using the standing desk. I have an Imprint Cumulus Pro and would highly recommend (in recalling the name, I note they are having 60% off for Black Friday Sale).

      I also try to keep my laptop on charge at the standing desk, so that my time sitting is less, as it is then on battery power.

      Hope you find a solution that works for you.

  4. Yes, that amazing (to use an overused modifier appropriately) feeling of getting better after having unconsciously decided that life has nothing more to bring than endless physical misery is vastly underpraised! I hope you will be able to hang on to the joy of healing even as the healing completes itself, and beyond.

  5. I am so glad that you are feeling better and hope that’s not flu. My friend (and my doctor,too)would say:” hydration,hydration,hydration and some inhalation and nose drops, darling!”- good for beauty,too (except nose drops)!
    I can’t translate sounds I make :-),so I wish and hope you will enjoy good health tomorow
    Dottoressa <3

  6. Sympathies! I stayed home from Thanksgiving because I was ill. I came down with something on Thanksgiving eve. Initially I felt terrible. Now, I’m feeling grateful that my body finally got through to me with a message that said Slow the Frack Down! (My body uses euphemisms for swear words.) A friend called yesterday and asked if I had a cold or the flu. We agreed that it used to be easier to tell the two apart. Was there a merger between the two illnesses since I was a child? I seem to have a cold/flu or flu/cold amalgam of some kind. My colds and flus don’t seem to settle in my sinuses so much as in my throat and chest. I cough. Your noise descriptions remind me of Jack Lemmon as Felix Unger in the odd couple, which makes me smile, though I’m certain any noises you make are much more understated and refined. I’m grateful I got sick, particularly since I am now feeling on my way to well, and I gave myself permission to stay in bed and watch Ken Burn’s The Roosevelts, which is entertaining, informative, and so long I am still watching. Get well soonest, my dear. xo.

  7. Hot water, lemon juice and honey to drink. It seemed to help me when I had cold virus recently. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  8. I moan and groan endlessly when I’m sick, especially when I feel achy.
    I feel like I’m fighting something too. Almost everyone I know is sick. I hope you continue to feel better.

    1. @Kathy, Kathy: I forgot to answer you the other day after I saw your comment about colds versus the flu. Maybe that is it, and that may be why it’s confusing for me. My normal body temperature has always been oddly low, somewhere around 96 instead of 98.6. The only way I can tell if I have a fever is if I get chills, unless it is a Very High Fever, which I haven’t had for years. I don’t moan and groan when I’m sick, but I do sigh deeply and repeatedly. My house host came up to my room from his office last week, concerned with my condition, because I was unconsciously sighing so many deep sighs. I’m still feeling not fully well, but I’m venturing out into the sunny day to two SF appointments. Maybe some natural Vitamin D will help. I hope you and Lisa are both feeling better today.

  9. I agree with Frances/Materfamilias that some coddling is in order, as tough as that is for you to accept. Often we try to resume normal life a little too early and then end up prolonging the illness as a result.

    Also agree with Dottoressa regarding hydration – it’s a must.

    My immunity booster when I’m not well is my adaptation of Chinese-style Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup. it has fresh ginger and garlic, and is so warming and yummy. I bet you have a go-to recipe that Significant Husband could lovingly cook for you.

  10. I hope your symptoms have improved since your post.

    I heard the way to tell difference between cold and flu – is upon arrival.

    The flu apparently comes on very suddenly – like your at lunch and fine but walking out you feel hot and get achey.

  11. Sympathies. And so happy to hear it is not flu, not that a cold can’t make you miserable. And ahh, the cheerfulness when things get a little better….Pollyannas unite indeed!

    I have a mild cold, but still had to miss the funeral for a dear friend’s father due mostly to prolonged and uncontrollable sneezing fits. It seemed most ungracious to add infection to the misery of those who were already mourning.

    I’m sure that more coddling is in order, and I hope you feel better soon.

  12. I talk to myself, either as a narrative or as another loving person, like Gollum- so your mutterings may be the altered state of something like that. I find it hugely comforting. I refer to myself as we. We needs us some tea…….
    You will feel better being the strong gal you are. I get sick when I am being innoculated with new fresh pre-school grandkid bacteria. That is sickness.

    By the way- really liked the previous post on where to shop. I find it very helpful! Thanks!

  13. Cathi is absolutely right,chicken soup is medicaly proved help in flu and cold different viruses :-)
    Btw: Flu is caused by flu virus and is serious disease with high temperature ( almost always), muscle pain (almost always) and with not at all or mild respiratory symptoms. It can sometimes have serious complications (like pneumonia,rarely myocarditis etc…), so it is better to be in bed than walk around ( not to mention that it is highly infectuous).
    Simple cold ( caused by a lot of different viruses)can vary from very mild to flu-like condition and almost always has respiratory symptoms
    This is very simplified,sorry to harass you :-)

  14. Yuck! You poor dear. No matter what malady I have it results in 12 hours of violent sneezing.
    My husband makes that “Nnnnnng”-ish noise when he is ill.

  15. Glad you’re feeling better! I make nasally resonated noises too. I don’t know why, but I find it comforting to make those sounds. And they elicit sympathy from husband & dogs–dogs always, & husband is pretty caring too.

  16. Thank you everyone, SO MUCH. For the well-wishes, the counsel on soup and liquids and rest (doing all 3), for the Downton link!, and for reassurance on my Nnnnnging. I am replying to all in one comment, my apologies, just conserving energy. I am getting very much better, just not quite back to usual energy levels and ability to go without nose-blowing;). Love and reiterated thanks to you all.

  17. I just read an article about the value of humming to clear sinus infections – not as kooky as it might sound, apparently, something to do with nitrous oxide. Humming clears it out. I think groaning would count.

  18. I can sympathize, Lisa. I’ve got some weird intense case of vertigo combined wth a nasty 5-day headache. Rest, push the fluids, avoid relatives, and all will be well.

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