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Colored Jewels — Layered In Meaning And Occasionally Sale-Priced

This post is presented in collaboration with Blue Nile.

What is it about colored stones? They hint at meaning behind surfaces. I confess to very strong feelings about their settings and design.

My first engagement ring was a round blue sapphire set with a pear-shaped diamond on either side. A decade and half later I bought myself a pair of oval ruby earrings, surrounded by diamonds. Like these — imagine red stones in yellow gold. These, BTW, are 15% off with code BLUE15, i.e. reduced from $2650 to $2250.50.

Oval Sapphire and Diamond Studs From Blue Nile

In fact everything at Blue Nile is now on sale for 15% off, except previous sale items and engagement jewelry. It’s not too late for Christmas shipping.

Another decade passed. I gave those ruby earrings to my brother and sister-in-law, seized by a conviction that they would help in kicking Project Future Nephew off the ground. When SIL called to say she was pregnant I did wonder if my crazy impulse had some backing from the universe.

I’m fond of colored semi-precious stones too. This month, when Blue Nile offered me a choice of small pieces to review or give away, I kept some garnets. I have previously given away gold hoops and a silver bracelet, but the garnets I kept. An early Christmas present for the redhead.


Front lit, to show the color and silver detail. Sweet freckles come along for the ride.


On reflection, the citrines might have been better? A lighter stone often works better in a bezel setting, less dependent on light for hue. But she’s not complaining. She dropped me off at the airport, white coat and all.


We had a wonderful time.

Back to the topic. I also love dangling colored stones. If I had a blonde daughter, I might have preferred these. I’m generally not a fan of white topaz, but here, in silver, with gray moonstone cabochons, I think they read prettier than “I’m pretending to be a diamond.” $99. And then, yes, take off 15%.

Moonstone Earrings via Blue Nile

Up a few levels, emeralds and diamonds. $1296.25 after the 15% discount. These make good use of white space to seem bigger than they are. Of course, one can spend way more, with much bigger stones, but often without impact.

Emerald and Diamond Earrings via Blue Nile

And sometimes with. Below, for $8,000. But, you can take 15% off! I love the round, emerald cut, pear progression. I’d have to see them on to know if I liked the little point at the bottom or not. I suspect the research would be painless.

Emerald & Sapphire Earrings at Blue Nile

Back to earth. I like these rubies and pink sapphires in rose gold. $800, (but you can take that 15% off again), from designer Frances Gadbois. In collaboration with her daughter Charlotte. They design in aqua and  orange chalcedony too.

Ruby Earrings by Francois via Blue Nile

Of course, Blue Nile offers necklaces, rings, and bracelets in colored stones too. No tiaras, more’s the pity, although this necklace might actually work as a diadem on someone young, sparkly, and many-faceted.


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25 Responses

  1. Your daughter is lovely! And that beautiful smile!!! The garnets are beautiful, generous mama, but the vitrines would have been, as well.

  2. I agree. The gem is that daughter of yours. Have you noticed the colored gem necklaces that Anna Wintor always wears? Love them. Love the red on your daughter.

  3. Your daughter is so pretty! The jewlery is very nice, but pales in comparison to that smile. As a mother of 3 also pretty girls, I can only imagine the pride and love you must feel.

  4. Your daughter has the perfect smile for a young doctor. I feel like she’d put me at ease and I wouldn’t spend the whole visit trying to figure out if she was old enough to be a real doctor.

  5. How sweet does your daughter look in her new earrings, white coat, and big, big smile! A smile is always the best accessory going but failing that, you’ve highlighted many lovely pieces here.

    1. @Susan, It was a wonderful time. And the shopping is mostly sitting in my house waiting to be wrapped! As presents she has already seen, but it’s the ritual, right?

  6. Yes, red is indeed for redheads! I love wearing the ruby heart pendant my husband gave me one Valentine’s Day some years ago. And I have small oval garnet studs in a simple gold rope border that I think work well with my strawberry blonde/grey hair &blue/green eyes. I picked garnets with a bit of brown to their red to go with the autumn colors I tend to wear, but garnets are great because they come in different beautiful colors & price ranges.

  7. Love the emeralds and diamonds. The use of white space really does give them a much larger and fuller presence they wouldn’t have otherwise. Thanks for sharing!

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