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I’ll Be At Glance, The First Conference Dedicated To The Business Of The Apple Watch

After I wrote the review of my Apple Watch, I poked around on Medium reading a few articles. I came upon Bernard Desarnauts, founder of a research firm called Wristly. I commented. And so it happens that on Thursday, December 10th, 8am-6pm, I will be participating in panels at the upcoming conference, Glance. I look forward to thinking and talking about the nexus of product management and user experience (i.e. my career) and Style, i.e. what amuses and interests us here on Privilege.

Glance is the first conference dedicated to the business of the Apple Watch. It’s an intimate conference targeting 100 attendees, and some tickets remain for $695, the Friend of Glance price.

If you work in tech, or a tech-advisory, or tech-involved industry, I’d love to see you. Take a look at the agenda – Jean-Louis Gassee, Om Malik, and Tracy Sun of Poshmark among others – bound to be interesting.

By the way, as I told Privilege email subscribers recently, I’ll be posting a fuller schedule until Christmas, at which point I will take a 2-week break. So hang onto your hats and here we go.

I’ll report back on the conference in as much or as little detail as I feel will be of interest to this group. And, as always, if you’ve got questions (and especially anything you’d like me to look out for at the conference) feel free to email me at skyepeale (at)

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  1. So, will you be wearing a tee shirt, hoodie and Birks? Tee hee.

    Looking forward to your report.

    1. @Mary anne, Hmmm, just now reading that our Lisa will be part of an Apple watch “Glamour” panel along w/ a WWD rep, suddenly the what-are-you-wearing question seems way more relevant. Which archetype will you summon to dress one glamorous, brilliant, fierce, retired software executive, domestic goddess? Please share at least one pic from the event, ok?

  2. Interesting to see Jean-Louis Gassée’s name. He has quite the past with Apple and Jobs. I remember following the BeOS versus NeXTSTEP OS faceoff with interest. User experience is one of my favorite subjects. I have no specific questions other than the one I’ve discussed with sales people at the Apple store, which is whether or not the product has found its audience and purpose. My youngest niece, who is 23, has an Apple Watch, which she uses mainly (exclusively?) for health monitoring. I know lots of people in high teach, but I don’t know anyone else (yet) who has the watch. Enjoy. (I’m amazed to see there is an Hermès Double Tour Apple Watch. I have that Hermes watch from years ago, I love that double band. The Apple watch looks good like that.

  3. From drum shades to drumroll, GO YOU! Curious to know, do you have cards ready for the inevitable “here’s my card” exchange for this upcoming conference? How are you presenting yourself on cards for this type of professional appearance these days?

  4. How wonderful! And just after you were talking about the importance of women and older folks being involved in tech!

    High fives to you for following up your thoughtfulness with action. Can’t wait to hear your report!

  5. Will you be able to ask questions or make suggestions? I hope so, as I would love to know when the watch will be available without having to be so close to your iPhone, which keeps me from getting one. I think they look very cool though. Congratulations and I’m quite sure you’ll add a lot to the discussion.

    1. @Kathy, The conference isn’t put on for Apple per se. That said, I’m sure we’ll talk about future features and functionality. Thanks!

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