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So Next Year I’m Getting A Flu Shot, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:38am

Hi guys. Sorry about disappearing. Here’s what happened.

After visiting my mom I drove down to LA, where I met with blogging friends, (BTW, do you follow @mrs_badinage on Instagram? You must.) attended my extraordinary youngest sister’s 50th birthday party, and came down with the flu.

Not knowing I was that sick, we drove back north on Monday. The flu did not take kindly to my disregard for its powers and promptly laid me flat on my back, groaning. Fever and everything. Such discomfort.

Today is the first day I’m free of the aches and pains. Weak as a baby, but I’m not complaining.

I have every hope of putting out my two planned posts this week, a Candle Burn-Off, and a Valentine’s giveaway from Blue Nile. Can’t promise for fear of disappointing, but that’s the plan.

I hope you are all well. Next year it’s flu shots for me. And I really don’t recommend 6 hours on California’s I5 as a home remedy. Have a nice weekend.


Note: I thought I had published this hours ago. See, totally not myself;).

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  1. Worried when you didn’t appear this morning. Ah yes, the flu shot…..a very good idea (from a retired internist)

  2. We get flu shots every year and don’t get the flu anymore. So, our experience is a positive one. Hope you are back to your sturdy self soon.

  3. I had a flu shot, but have had a lot of colds, woke up with one this morning.

    Real influenza is terrible – so sorry you’ve had it. Glad you’re a bit better.

  4. There is no excuse not to get a flu shot! None! Isn’t your daughter in medical school?! Every drugstore, grocery store, and big box store offers them–and most doctors offices (regardless of specialty) will give you one while you’re in for an appointment.

  5. I’m glad you got it in LA and not at your mothers’.
    The flu is something she doesn’t need!

  6. I am so sorry Lisa,flu is such an ugly disease. Hope you will be fit soon
    I give flu shots to my parents (and gave to my son this year) every year
    In airplane yesterday it was a couple with a flu or similar disease near me,let’s hope for a happy ending

  7. My mother always said that getting sick is your body’s way of forcing you to take a break.

    So, maybe if you got a flu shot you wouldn’t have gotten the flu, but your resistance is down – and if it hadn’t been the flu, it would’ve been something else.

    You’ve been going through a very stressful time – it’s time to take some time for yourself.

  8. Sorry to hear you got the flu. Flu shots are preventative and a good idea. To help recovery, how about a spa day? R&R will be important. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Susan

  9. Oh child. Only because I’ve suffered repeated bouts [as you have], do I weigh in here that flu shots notwithstanding, you’ll still be vulnerable to random viral and bacterial insults given a wobbly immune system. Your MD brother and daughter will guide you but in my case, a CBC w/ D screen showed my D levels were underneath the bottom. Following massive therapeutic doses of D [plus 1K per day in the aftermath], I’ve not had even a cold ever since. xo xo xo

  10. So sorry you’ve been so sick. Having had the flu in my younger years I have religiously gotten the shots since they became available. Hope you recover quickly and am glad to know you’ll get the shots in the future. Are you up to date on your other immunizations?

  11. I’m glad to hear it was only the flu. Because of the prior post being at your mother’s I was worried that her health had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. I am very happy it was not. Get some rest and enjoy some downtime!

  12. Oh the flu is nasty….sorry to hear that you were ill. Glad that you are on the road to recovery. Please try and take things easy so it doesn’t come back. Many here are getting a reoccurrence. My BFF has been out of commission for 3 weeks!
    The flu shot may or may not have protected you as there are many strains of flu and when the vaccine is developed the scientists do their best to guess what strain will be the one that they target. My husband and I now get one because of our aging moms. We are not permitted to visit the care home where his mom is unless we have the shot.
    Hope your mom does not get it.

    So happy to hear that you met Mrs.badinage!
    Will you write a post about your meet up?

  13. Get well soon, Lisa!

    I’ve been reading a lot about the terrible weather conditions in the US right now. Hope you, your loved ones and my fellow readers are all safe and well,

    SSG xxx

  14. I’m glad it has peaked and you are on the mend; remember to be kind to your body and mind as they continue to recover.

    I clicked through to your sister’s profile and gosh, what a family resemblance, and yet individual all the while. I can’t believe she is 50 from that photo though – I think some great genes run in the family.

  15. So sorry you got caught by that nasty virus, but glad you are on the mend. Take your time, we will all be here. Flu is a notorious in its disregard for intentions and glee in sudden relapses.

  16. I never used to get the flu shot until I had kids 9 years ago.
    What a weekend to get the flu! Oy.
    Hope you are back in action soon

  17. So glad to hear that you are better. Every year I have to do battle with recalcitrant relatives and friends who resist getting a flue shot (people like my 92 year old mother and my husband). I’m so happy to know that I won’t have to add you to this list next year!

  18. Never got the shot until I got the flu about 7 years ago. Not being able to get out of bed for 2 days was shocking. How debilitated I was (generally healthy active 40’s etc) for a good 2 months — crazy! Now I get it every year! Take it easy and drown those bugs with fluids

  19. Sorry to hear you were not feeling well. At least you are now back on the mend. I will be checkout out your friend on Instagram as I love to follow new people.


  20. No words for how much suffering the flu can bring. Actually, *you’d* have perfect words, but not I. I’m happy to hear you’re coming out of it!

  21. So glad you are feeling better! I hope you take it easy for a few weeks while you mend. Agree with @TheHuntingHouse about checking your Vitamin D, and run your B12, too, while you’re at it.
    I get the flu shot every year, take 5K Vit. D, and 500u B12 every day. Plus started oil pulling a year ago – swish organic coconut oil in your mouth first thing each morning for 10-20 minutes, “place” in an old jar, then rinse mouth with warm salt water. Keeps gums healthy and happy, touted to pull toxins from the mouth. Also, dab a little coconut oil in each nostril to keep membranes moist.
    I also carry my own pen to use when signing debit/credit card receipts or checking in at the doctor/dentist.
    My pet peeve – when someone is in a close space (like an elevator) yawns or deeply exhales without covering their mouth. Ugh! (I’m sure I qualify as a card carrying germaphobe.)
    Looking forward to seeing you back this week!

  22. Those who are prone to pain tend to take this kind of illness HARD. (So much full-body pain.) I’m giving you lots of positive vibes to get well soon. xo

  23. Don’t listen to ill informed anti immunisation nonsense. There is NO mercury in vaccines and they save lives. While not 100% effective the flu vaccine reduces the circulation of flu throughout the community and it would be fabulous for the health of the population if as many people as possible were vaccinated. If you have been vaccinated and you still get influenza you will get it less severely. Like many things, go to information sites run by experts in the field ( your cdc is a great site) rather than the random ravings of the Internet informed.

  24. Oh, feel better chica! Here’s the thing about the flu shot: even if YOU don’t think YOU need it, it helps with the whole herd immunity thing. There are those out there (immunocomp’d, elderly, on chemo, COPD people, etc. etc.) who need you to not be spreading the virus. Noblesse oblige (at least healthwise) yada, yada, yada.

  25. I was concerned about you when you were off-line for so long. Glad you are on the mend and will be back in business soon.

  26. Glad that you’re feeling a bit better Lisa. Flu can be nasty. But now that you’re over the worst…can I suggest book, tea and lemon, scraggyiest pyjamas, chaise longue in the sun???

  27. Sounds absolutely dreadful.

    Last year two of three of us got the flu and one of those victims had their flu shot so it’s not a guarantee that you’ll be immune.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  28. So sorry to read this. I got it sometime in the last 8 years and it was unbelievable. I didn’t think I would live through it. Almost didn’t want to.

    I’ve been a flu shot believer ever since. I don’t know if my body could handle that again.

    It took a good week to stop feeling so weak. Frustrating yet true.

    Give yourself time, health is on the way.


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