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Art From Friends And Family, Brigitte Carnochan In Many Guises

I forgot something important in my long post about house plans.

Valley Grasses I Brigitte Carnochan

The photography of Brigitte Carnochan, my stepmother. On the one hand, her gallery work.

Valley Grasses IV Brigitte Carnochan

I want one of the platinum/palladium triptychs in the Valley Grasses series, maybe two over time, for our master bedroom. In real life, the platinum printing lends these pieces an other-worldly quality, as though the paper itself is singing songs from outer space. Why that imagery comes to mind I absolutely cannot say.

But, since she’s also my stepmother, and family, here’s something else she made on request for my husband’s Christmas present this year.


Two dog montages to hang in his office. I had them framed.


Gitta, as we call her, already had most of these images because a while back she made a line of cards. Hence the dog wearing costumes — a mask, a tiara. He was a congenial guy who loved to pose, and did it happily, with treats. He’s gone now, but the other guy romping with his friends above is most definitely with us. Just not posing.

Dog With Curly Ribbon On Nose

Brigitte’s cards are still sold around the world. Above is a birthday card, found at Graphique de France. I bring you, in closing, Dog With Curly Ribbon On Nose. They call this other one Howling Dog In Hat, but I think he was just singing Joyeux Anniversaire.


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  1. I love your step-mother’s photography, and have seen it at Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica, in person. The platinum prints are indeed otherworldly and so rare now. It’s how Ansel Adams printed his work. I would love one of her floral photographs, just have to find a place to put it – our walls are overly covered at the moment. I think those triptychs would be so stunning in your bedroom…or anywhere.

    1. @Kathy, Otherworldly, yes, that’s the word. And I’m so happy you’ve seen her work at Fetterman’s, I love the connection. Of the flowers, I have to say, it’s the magnolia that I come back to.

    2. @Kathy, As Lisa knows, I used to visit her stepmother’s art at Modernbook in Palo Alto before I met Lisa on Twitter. When BG had a show at Modernbook after the gallery moved to SF, I dropped in hoping to see the show as well as meet Lisa. Lisa had left for the evening by the time I arrived, but I got to savor the show and meet the lovely artist. I too would like a flower print. One of my favorites is Rose Points, one of her Handpainted Botanicals. I also love Mum Fields and Nest of Roses in her Platinum/Paladium Botanicals.

  2. Your step-mother’s work is so beautiful!
    Your master bedroom with tryptich-perfect!
    Love the dog with golden ribbon

  3. Hello Lisa, Brigitte Carnochan’s photographs are magnificent. I would gladly make room for her nature prints. I just did a quick internet check, and find that there is a lot to explore about your stepmother’s work. Thank you for introducing this new name to me–you must be very proud of her.

    1. @Parnassus, Ah, it is my pleasure to make the introduction! Thinking you in Asia now, I have suddenly imagined that her work might really appeal to collectors over there. And yes, her work is significant, and often discussed. I am proud to be related.

  4. Beautiful work! I love the florals/grasses, but I’m so intrigued by how she manages to avoid kitsch in those canine portraits, despite the endearing props — I mean, in lesser hands, it seems to me, the potential is there…Yet those animals elude the containment of any of the props, somehow, even while accommodating and allowing our amusement. Brilliant!

    1. @Frances/Materfamilias, Your analytical mind teases out the subtleties. Yes, I agree, it’s as though she really sees the dogs, even with the hats, they remain truly dogs and not just something for us to say “Aw” about.

  5. The art! The photographs! The stories! Women and flowers…..Stunning, all of it.

    Funny, I had a Great Aunt Edna who would have been courting her husband in NYC at roughly the same time as George & Edna in the Love & Kisses, George series, They lost everything in 1929 and bought a gentleman’s farm in New Jersey……as one does ;)

    1. @Patsy, Glad you enjoy. And, as one does indeed:). Where was the farm? Anywhere Mendham and Wendover etc? Any chance it’s the same George & Edna?

    2. @Patsy, no, my Great Uncle’s name was Harry Gerard. Pretty far south of Mendham. On the PA border. Part of the farmhouse was used to house Washington’s troops for the Delaware crossing.

    1. @Susan (une femme), Yes, that’s another thing I like so much about the triptychs, the grasses of my childhood. Remember when we were little, and the grasses grew to our waists, and we walked through them as though we were passing through to another world?

  6. Wow, those are lovely photographs and such a talent.

    The dogs are good sports to have the patience for such poses. We all know how difficult children and animals are to photograph.

  7. Your step-mother’s work is magical. It would make any space an exrodinary experience. I’ve admired her work from afar and always been moved by it. Love seeing them in your home.

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