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The Calendar Of Greenery


My garden is, from a distance, mostly green.


But at a certain time in the spring, in one spot, small bright flowers grow. Native geraniums up close, a fringe bush in the background.


Forget-me-nots. This usually happens around Easter.


Oxalis. This year it’s early. And this year, a lone calla lily is blooming. I have no memory of planting it; some seasons it flowers, others it does not.  This was our warmest February on record.


The flowers are both beautiful and worrying, coming as they have before their time.

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  1. Beautiful!
    Love that calla lily…our weather has been milder this year, and the garden flowers are much earlier…lovely to see them blooming especially with all our rain.

  2. Yes, the early spring was more worrying than pleasurable for me. The tree outside my window went from winter bare branches to blossoms in what seemed a couple of days in February. I’ve loved the rain we are now receiving, even if many of the days are still quite warm. We are getting snowpack, which is wonderful.

  3. Lovely. We are still mostly brown here, but early buds and anticipatory blossoms herald the impending return of the green world

  4. Your garden is lovely! A couple of my neighbors’ cherry trees blossomed this week, and today the tulip poplars started to bloom.

  5. Love the greenery. We are all white-ery here. Al least this morning when I got up, the melting but still present snow meeting the fog that shrouded the river. A wholly white world. But not silent. I opened the back door to a cacophony of noise: the cardinals who never, ever shut up after 5:30 AM and the honking of unseen geese on the river. The same ones (we assume) who only left a few weeks ago. It was pretty cool, actually. Spring must be coming after all.

  6. Lovely! Forget-me-not are my favorites!
    We used to take Cornus mas flowers ( we take olive branches now) to church on Dominica palmarum(Sunday before Easter )- this year there will be no more flowers remained and Easter is so early!
    We have a lot of rain,too
    There are some wild violets and primroses around my house and I just planted yellow,purple and orange Violas in balcony pots today

  7. In my vegetable garden things are really haywire. Root vegetables didn’t really grow well, tomatoes which should have been dormant, were not. Lettuce went to seed fast. Very worrisome. And yes, odd blooms here and there.

    1. @Kathy, I was down in Santa Barbara yesterday, they tell me that El Niño has been even more hesitant there than here.:(

  8. Here in our neck of the woods the daffodils are up and starting to puff out where there will be blooms. The tulips are growing. The hydrangeas are getting leaves. Yesterday I saw some forsythia in their bright yellow state. Can spring be far behind? Oh, and the squirrels are getting squirrelly. Birds are building nests. Such a treat. Although it seems a bit early to me, too.

  9. I’m back because the change in my garden has been phenomenal, and odd. We had bits of unusual warmth interspersed with cold. Many green things are early, others are late. It may be a very exciting and unsettling garden season.

  10. What a beautiful garden… and life!

    Nature walks in southern california where I live are exquisite right now – so many wildflowers and tall green grasses. The color is even more precious and special when you live in a desert ecosystem…

    1. @linda, Thank you:). And I read that they are having a “superbloom” in Death Valley, wildflowers that come in profusion like that only once a decade. Next time it happens I want to go!

  11. Your garden is just beautiful. I miss California.
    In Chicago, we still have snow in a few shaded places. A few days have reached into the 60’s.
    Just yesterday, a lone crocus appeared and today it bloomed. The daffodils are about 4 inches tall with small buds. I can’t wait to see the fields of daffodils blooming at the arboretum. It won’t be long now.

    1. @Kathy, It won’t be long now. I do think that some of us get California in our blood and it’s really hard to go anywhere else.

  12. The flowers are so very, very pretty. Forget-me-not blue is gorgeous – such perfect miniature flowers to herald Easter. We too in Sydney are having the warmest February/March on record. It has been around 30 degrees Celsius for the past month with no rain. A truly long and warm Indian summer. Yvonne

  13. I love your garden, it reminds me of the one I lived in up until 2015, that was wild and beautiful and had pockets of colour. I now live with hedges and roses – all formality- but I miss the old x

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