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Searching For Sale Sneakers

I looked down at my shoes yesterday and thought, “Hmm, I’d like sneakers in different colors.” That’s what happens when you find a uniform. Jeans and sneakers, sneakers and jeans. But they have to be the RIGHT sneakers. Not too flashy, not too boring. Preferably on sale, for we retired Polished Tomboys.

(By the way, not to take credit for my finds, the Shopstyle search engine is really good)

A few notes from experience. New Balance run narrow, the wide of metatarsal won’t be well-fit. Nike’s heel cup gets annoying when it’s high. And Supergas are really comfortable when they have a memory foam insole. Spring on!


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  1. Do you own a pair of Supergas? I bought a pair (white) on the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend and found them to be a challenge: no arch support whatsoever, wide heel bed and a v boxy overall. I bought sports inserts which help a bit but not enough. If you or any of your readers have suggestions as to how to make these very chic sneakers more comfortable, I’d appreciate it!

    1. @Katherine Holden, Supergas are superb for people with bunions – not only is there room in that wide footbed, but somehow the structure conceals them beautifully too. I love the look of Converse, but they are too narrow for me. You probably have to let your feet choose for you.

    2. @Katherine Holden, Mine were a collaboration with another designer, and they have memory foam in the insole. So they’ve been comfortable from the git go. Have you looked for memory foam inserts? Maybe they would work?

  2. Rei Kawakubo has designed a line of Converse that are adorable. I want to see how long the desire for them lives in my heart. They are not in the sensible and/or retired category of budget for kicks. Not heart stoppingly expensive, but not sensible either.

  3. Hi Lisa, Just started to follow your site. Pretty sure I am a High WASP Sturdy Girl except that I like 3 to 3-1/2″ heels for almost anything. However, no black, grey or burgundy for me as I have golden blonde hair, peaches-and-cream skin and hazel brown eyes. DSW has some very nice sneakers on sale in coral, tans and blue – for all of us “Springs” out there!

    Lots of great topics on your blog for we ladies who are of a certain age.

    Smiles from Charlotte

  4. I recently ordered a bunch of different sneakers from Zappos, after going through some of my favorite blogs, yours included, to help with selection. I don’t know if shoes are starting to run a bit smaller, or my feet have grown larger, but even the size 11s all seemed a bit snug. I settled on a pair of Saucony Jazz in blue, which are perfectly comfortable, with a nice cushiony sole, and the least expensive of the bunch! Best part of all, orders and returns ship free!

    1. I have the Saucony’s that Nancy Carr linked to in B&W, and they are so comfortable! Like Nancy, I tried on several shoes from NB, Nike and Adidas too and the Saucony’s were the most cushiony.

  5. I do have the Supergas and agree with Katherine. They are not only boxy but very clunky and heavy. I have athletic inserts in them but don’t find myself reaching for them very often. It’s too bad because I love the look.

  6. I wear Josef Siebels for walking when I want a more polished look and my current pair are bright yellow!
    I am with you on adding a pop of colour to shoes!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  7. Funny you should post this! Just picked out my spring 2016 sneakers – Adidas Stan Smiths. I shall be purchasing them on Monday for 20% off at Urban Outfitters – who sent me a coupon to make up for canceling my order (bastards) for Dr. Marten’s Flora ankle boots (which I got at Zappos). So, yay!

  8. I have New Balance, ASICs and an old pair of Tretorns. I like jeans and sneakers. Also like khakis and loafers. Cords and boots in winter.

  9. I am discovering a love of fancy sneakers and I blame you. My secret supplier – Zara’s kids department. So many colours, so many glitters, SO cheap.

  10. White converse with a sun or maxi dress are the thing around her now. Don’t laugh, but I picked up a variety of highly inexpensive Mossimo deck shoes on a recent trip to Target, and love how comfortable they are. Have always been a KSwiss fan, Classic style, too.

  11. Converse are a legend and look great on others but I find them to heavy and too flat. My choice are Nike ( mostly air max)
    For the seaside,last two summers, I have wear Borosana (our factory- you may check the photos if you like :-))-navy/ white stripped. I have black one with tan shoe laces for the city (when wearing white jeans and leopard silk shirt-and one white, similar, open toe perforated leather ankle boots) and am waiting for new colours and patterns. Not sneakers but super comfy with jeans!

    1. @Kathy, I might go for those. Are they comfortable across the top of your foot? Lately, to my great annoyance, the top of my foot has gotten irritated on long walks. Aaargh.

  12. I love supergas and find them very comfortable. Yes they are blocky, but they somehow look good on me, whereas converse make my feet look like boats, and kill my feet as well. I haven’t tried them with inserts, but there are enough other sneakers in the world.

  13. Last year got a reebok sneaker in black and in navy. Look similar to keds but more comfortable. Material wipes clean. Another favorite is Born in aqua leather with wing tip design at toe. Like my sneakers to be cute , but they absolutely must be comfortable.

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