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USA Memorial Day Weekend Is Upon Us And Sales Are A-Sale-ing

Summer. This is my favorite time of year in Northern California – the upswing to solstice, the blue skies, the grasses beginning to burn.

I’ve read that Memorial Day sales are in fact better than Black Thursday’s. Not sure why that is, time to shed inventory, or an observed tendency for consumers to buy for summer, but whatever, we can take advantage.

So here are a few options. From up to 40% at designer goods at department stores like Nordstrom,

[show_boutique_widget id=”398952″]

and my pals, Neiman Marcus,

[show_boutique_widget id=”398951″]

or plus sizes at Saks (sorry these images are blurry, it’s a Saks quirk and I cannot seem to fix it),

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to a few tees from my favorite brands and retailers.

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This bathing suit (and a bunch of other stuff) from J. Crew is 30% off with code WEEKEND.

J. Crew Ruched Suit

And, because don’t you kind of want one? This satin bomber jacket from ASOS, in tall and petite sizes is 20% off with code HISUMMER. I even like the code itself.

Satin Bomber Jacket In Tall

Happy summer everyone. Hope it’s shown its face by now to everyone in this hemisphere.

11 Responses

  1. I like your choice,Lisa! Especially Armani jacket
    I used to love late spring and summer. As there is not such a thing as spring any more :-),the summer wins-sun (although too much and too hot lately),summer wardrobe,vacation or less people in the city.
    My favourite!
    Happy summer!

    1. Let’s hope we get our old summers back soon. And the Armani, such a classic!

  2. Johnny Was used to be of excellent quality; I was very tempted by their long patchwork dress and almost bought it online; I then saw it at Nordstrom Rack – and it was so poorly made & cut. So better check.

  3. A great find: Coach sandals, very comfortable, the nude color in patent is so classic, with the little golden buckle – fantastic! I tried on many pairs at Macy’s and this was just a perfect match of style & comfort.

  4. I adore dresses like the black one. They look Always stylish and are so easy to wear, just put on that dress , nice heels, great clutch and ready!

  5. OK, I bit the bullet and ordered (on-line) a beautiful pair of Gucci pumps from Bloomingdales at an incredible 50% off last Wednesday evening. Was chuffed to bits as I’d been eyeing this particular pair for a while. The very next day, while I was away from the electronic and telephonic world, I receive a message stating that my order required verifying before it can be fulfilled and could I please make contact. Eight hours later, I return their telephone call only to be told that my order had been cancelled (yes CANCELLED) because I did not contact them in time. Do Bloomingdale employees actually think that their customers are plugged in 24/7?Bottom line, my shoes are no longer available to purchase, and I shall never attempt to give them my business again. This experience was a real eye opener and has left me wondering if indeed these big stores actually have the merchandise they offer for sale in their possession.

    1. That is truly appalling. I wonder what on earth is going on. Inventory management? Protection against fraudulent purchases? Simple stupidity? Just terrible.

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