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Makeup For Running Out The Door Every Day, If You So Choose, Especially When You Are Over 50

Prepare for a strange but true linkage.

The effects from stress of my mother’s move and care have surprised me. One of the most pronounced – my need to clean up. Not just my house but also emotional detritus. If that makes sense. Sorting through relationships that have foundered, speaking up in places where I’d been silent. And, like today, delivering on commitments that have trailed for years.

A long time ago on this blog, a commenter who goes by HHH (I have met her in person, she is also a Princeton alumna) asked me to do a post on everyday makeup. In her place of work, she noticed that women often over- or under-did it. “OK,” I thought, “I can do that. Maybe a video.” I agreed to post.

Years passed.

I did not forget. The promise nagged. Meanwhile, companies contacted me about reviewing various makeup products. I didn’t engage. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I did.

So here, all in one package from the odd universe:

  1. A post on everyday makeup
  2. The first and probably only video ever of LPC on this blog
  3. A giveaway of a non-toxic, small business, big glamour cream blush

Makeup For Running Out The Door, Every Day

What’s your goal for makeup, absent a special occasion? At 59, mine is to soften, gently, the effects of aging. I find my face is now regressing to the mean, AKA turning a uniform color. My hair, my cheeks, my lips, all but my eyes converge on neutral. And, my skin tone is breaking up, with age spots, etc. As a result, my features get lost in my years.

Makeup returns my face. Not the face I remember, of course. I am not looking to erase wrinkles, or eliminate sag, or color myself up for dark city nights. But, if I’m going to make the effort to paint, which often I will not, I want to make myself more visible.

I’m also trying to move to safer cosmetics, over time. No further ado.

Makeup Video 2016 from LPC on Vimeo.

For Those Who Don’t Like Videos


  1. Start With The Base Of Face

    1. I use, as I have said, Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer, in Bisque. When this runs out, I’m thinking of trying Juice Cosmetics Tinted Mineral Moisturizer, for safer ingredients. Any other suggestions from the crew? I apply with the Beauty Blender, using the fat end of the sponge, boinging it onto my skin round and round, until I have the coverage I like. If I want to apply extra in places, I use the narrow end.
    2. Then, where needed on age spots, or redness (why redness, why?) I pat on a little Clé de Peau .concealer on my ring finger. Very expensive, but hugely effective. I’m not really prone to dark circles, but I might add some under my eye if inspired. The key is a light touch. We’re not looking for flawless skin, only a blurring of age-induced discoloration
  2. Add A Bloom Of Ancient Roses

    1. I had used, for ages, a YSL cream blush. It was discontinued. As I was searching for a substitute, the Julie Hewett rep contacted me. Would I be interested in reviewing any of their products?
    2. Why yes. Yes I would. Enter Cheekie, in Posie. Feels almost waxy in the pot, but all that makes it to your finger, and then to your cheek, seems to be color. And a beautiful color it is too, subtle, sophisticated. Easily blended on your cheek, quick as a fox. A glamourous pink fox. Thumbs up. Keeping it. Using it. Liking it.
    3. I will probably try some more of the Julie Hewett line. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, and was founded by a Hollywood makeup artist. All products are cruelty-free.
  3. Consider The Lawrence Girls’ Eyes

    1. My eyes seem to be getting brighter. Bluer. Maybe just in contrast to fading skin, but I like the effect and want to bring it out. So, after I’ve based my face, I move on to eyebrow pencil. Not something I had used in the first 55 years of my life, but now one of my most important tools. I like Givenchy‘s. Because it’s a pencil, you can carelessly draw a few strokes; because it’s powder, you can then brush those strokes into something resembling an eyebrow.
    2. Then mascara. I believe that any tube of new mascara is better than any tube of old mascara. So, for everyday, buy something that darkens your eyelashes without irritating your eyes, and replace it often. I’ve been using Dr. Hauschka for years now. Added bonus, it smells like roses.
    3. Oh, and the Lawrence Girls’ Eyes is how my mother referred to the blue from her side of the family. Very 19th century, don’t you think?
  4. Finally, Lips, To Have And To Smooch

    1. Some women, as they age, rely on vivid lipstick. Sandra Salin does this particularly well. Given that I’m going for Did You See Her Blue Eyes? I like to keep my lipstick sheer and vaguely lip-colored. And, as I’ve aged, my everyday lipstick has progressed from a brick red, to a matte brownish pink, to a lighter brownish pink, and now to pink stick gloss. Currently, Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Étourdie. I do want to find a similar color with safer ingredients. This? One of these?
    2. I’ll often use just a tinted lip balm, usually Burt’s Bee’s in Pomegranate.

Off we go.

Once I realized that videos were not easy, and that peering into my computer made me look my worst, I had second thoughts about posting this. But a commitment is a commitment, if only to oneself. One wonky video in pulled-back hair and pronounced wrinkles of face and shirt surely builds character. It perhaps tests your tolerance; thank you in advance for your forebearance.


We will return to our usual written world directly.

If you’d like to try the Julie Hewett Cheeky, in Posie, let me know in the comments, and I’ll pick a winner Friday and send a pot along.


Julie Hewett provided product for review and giveaway, but neither sponsorship nor compensated links. Other links in this post may generate commissions.

112 Responses

  1. The thing about red or brick lipstick is that those colors are only flattering on women with full lips. Well, if you’re a white woman.

    Dark colors make things recede and lighter colors make things look larger. I already have fairly thin lips and my lips are small in proportion to the rest of my face. I wear pink with a hint of coral.

    Lips get thinner as we age, so someone who could wear darker colors in youth, may not be able to later on. Now if you have full lips, then you can wear anything.

  2. Okay, I just got finished watching your video. Well that was fun!!!

    Great natural colors.

    I have to say though, that you really don’t need foundation at all. Your bare skin is remarkably even and a beautiful color!

    1. @Noelle, You are so kind! And that’s a very good point about dark lipsticks and the size of one’s lips. For me it is also that my natural level of contrast has fallen, and so a dark lip is really, really dramatic in a way I don’t want to live up to day to day.

  3. Oh what a fun post! I enjoyed having you “join” me for my morning coffee. Your hints make sense to me. Do you remember the highly made up old women sitting in the lounge area of I. Magnin? They seemed to always be there and such pink cheeks. I vowed never to turn into one of those ladies.

    One product I never use is blush. I tend to ruddy all on my own. So, no contest entry for me.

  4. Thanks, Lisa. Interested in trying
    the creme blush. I’ve been using a powder and want to switch.

  5. I agree that this is a fun video. I find that as I’ve aged, I am less concerned with wearing makeup (not that I’ve ever worn it except for special evenings out) than I am in sun protection and moisturizing (ironic as I had always suffered from oily skin – but no more!). I was recently told while having a facial that “of course, you are using an eye cream, right?” Well, no… but now I am wondering what you or your readers might recommend. Also, I try to drink more water, eat healthy and try to smile more. Thank you.

    1. @Jane, Thank you:). Drinking more water is really important for skin, or so I have been told. And eye creams can have oil whereas the rest of your face doesn’t tolerate it too well. That said, I have also been told they aren’t necessary. We need a makeup debunker:).

    2. @Jane,
      Hi Jane – as Lisa said, some people think a separate eye cream is not necessary but I have very sensitive eyes and I have found my regular cream ‘migrates’ into my eyes. I use Kiehl’s avocado creamy eye treatment and I absolutely love it. I heard about it from a Lisa Eldridge you tube tutorial.

  6. That was great, Lisa! I am going to buy everything you used and try it!!
    You’re a good egg and I really enjoy your blog

  7. Fantastic Lisa! You speak like you you write (or vice versa). You have lovely skin and as I’m the same age as you exactly, yes a bit of makeup is an enhancement.. I didn’t always wear makeup since retiring but not have Roseacea on one cheek., which drives me nuts. I’m open to any treatment as metronidazole isn’t effective. Aging … blurgh.

    1. @Susanna, I had a spell of rosacea in my 40s, due to work stress and probably hormone shifts? But, luckily, metronidazole worked. Leslie at Hostess of the Humble Bungalow also has rosacea, you might check out her advice on her blog?

      And I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that I speak as I write. I always thought it was two separate voices, it is very affirming to hear that is not so.

    2. @Susanna, I’ve has success with a topical prescription-only product for rosacea called Finacea Gel 15%, which is based on azelaic acid, so I think it is different from metronidozole. I use it every other night, when needed, rather than twice-a-day as usually recommended. Also, if you are so inclined, facial plastic surgeons offer a series of laser treatments for rosacea, which can be effective, if pricey! (as in $300-400 per 20 minute session, for 3-6 sessions)

  8. Wow, you hit every high note! I find that a lipstain (Revlon Just Bitten) and some brown kohl get my face up to interesting and Ive only spent 1 minute. Love your style, Lusa! Oh, and enter me in the pool for the blush. I also love cream blush but usually just tap on some lipstick and blend gently.

  9. Brava! You are fearless! Love the video. I must have missed the toxicity post. What’s toxic in the Laura Mercier? I’ve been using LM tinted moisturizer or primer, foundations and eye stuff for years. Time to change?

  10. You video is adorable :-) I have also noticed the fading, but I had a lot of contrast to begin with (dark hair, green eyes, loads of natural color) it hasn’t been as dramatic a change. But I definitely notice less fullness in my lips and have taken to using one of those lip primers that is supposed to fill them out, and to my amazement, it works! Makes the little scar on my lower lip (from a fall at age 4, for most of my life a barely visible seam) much less noticeable!
    I never “boinged” using cc cream on the beauty blender, I always applied it (or stick foundation) and then boinged with a damp sponge. I wonder what the difference is.

    I like Juice Beauty and W3ll People for natural foundation. The W3ll People Narcissist stick foundation is great!

    1. @joannawnyc, I do not know what the difference would be “boinging” with foundation on the tool or on the face. Hmmm. And thanks for the recommendations and I like nothing more than to be found adorable:).

  11. Fabulous Lisa!
    I love the Jane Iredale line of products….use their powder, eye shadow, mascara and lip plumper. All excellent and very clean products. A guilt free indulgence.
    I understand the cleaning house state of mind that you are in…that happened to both my husband and I after we emptied out his parents home which took months.
    Hope you are enjoying your garden. How are the white roses doing?

    1. @Bungalow Hostess, I remember you liked Jane Iredale, I’ll put the line on my To Try Out list. And, so sadly, the roses were one of the casualities of my focus on Mom. Fell prey to black spot AND rust. I have sprayed thoroughly with neem oil, and now must keep clearing away the debris, hoping that the roses leaf back out this summer:(.

  12. I love your hair and makeup ideas! I have never shopped some of the better lines and I think it is time to try some. And yes, I’d like to try the Cheekie!!

    1. @Denise, You’re on! And I think it’s worthwhile to try the high-end lines, just to see if you find them worth the price. If not, well, now you know.

  13. Thanks for the video. You achieve a very natural look. I like the sounds of this Julie Hewett Cheeky blush, not a brand I’d heard of before now.

    1. @Cathy, You’re very welcome. Thank you! And I’d not heard of Julie Hewett before either, so I’ve been very pleasant surprised.

  14. I’ve been using powder blush forever but notice lately that it’s very drying. I’d love to try this cream blush! Love your blog!

  15. This video is so good, and so funny, it may go viral. Love the captions too.

    I do pretty much the same thing, although I’m very prone to dark circles so use a concealer under my eyes, but no tinted moisturizer or foundation (unless for an “event”)

    And because I’m very lazy about this kind of stuff and love things that multi-task, Burt’s Bee’s lipsticks, work well as blush as well when in a hurry.

    I’ve been using Bobbi Brown mascara but think I’m maybe allergic – going to get the Dr. Hauschka today. xo

    1. @Kathy, If the video gained any kind of notoriety I’d have to thank the dragonfly, right? But thank you:). I hope Dr. H. works for you.

  16. I enjoyed your video and use some of the products you mentioned. The one thing I add is a separate sunscreen. I put it on my face, neck and the back of my hands everyday sun or rain. I would like to try the Cheekie blush, please add me to the giveaway.

  17. Very nice! If you were doing a darker lip, say Mideval Queen, would you line your lips?

    I’m not into blush so don’t enter me.

    1. @RoseAG, I line for dressing up, leave everything unlined either way – if it’s a sheer lipstick like Medieval Queen, or the Chanel Coco Rouge.

  18. can’t watch the whole thing but already love it and want more!! will come back after my app’t to watch more.

  19. For tinted moisturizer, I agree with those who said they’ve tried and liked the Tarte BB. I also like the IT CC cream (I’ve forgotten why these use different letter names), which I mix with a blurring product from Murad I really like. I already ordered some of the Cheeky product (so no entry for me); I love the idea of having a dual-use product.
    And your video is great!

  20. Cute as a bug :)

    No need for the blush, but I’d love some suggestions for a brow product, especially a pencil, that isn’t some shade of brown. My face requires a gray, cool-toned product.
    Any ideas form the gang?

    1. @Rosie, Try using a well-sharpened standard #2 lead pencil, applied lightly in layers as needed.Very easy to control color. And not expensive!

  21. Great video,Lisa-you look good before and after,very natural look!Like the colours!
    You could do more videos
    I use Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream or Revitalising Day Cream (depends on season) for more than 15 years.
    Because it has no SPF, after that I use lightly tinted Avene 50 SPF Cream from last year (before that I used Sunscreen only at the sea,awful,I know!)
    Diorskin concealer 001 under eyes. I have always liked and used only cream blushers ( Le blush creme de Chanel recently).
    I tint myself (not to recommend!) my eyelashes,so no mascara or anything for the eyebrows.
    From time to time ,I’m in red lipstick mood ( naked lip pencil from Mac-skin coloured,bought 3 pieces last year,really great!-Shiseido Veiled Rouge was perfect,now Rouge Coco Shine Dialogue!
    All secrets revealed!
    Hope you’ll have a nice weekend

  22. Might have to try that there Dr. Hauschka mascara. My eyes have become quite sensitive.

    I have the dark circles and so use a touch of regular foundation there. Otherwise, I’ve become a fan of Laura Geller’s products. But dang, I might have to research the ewg’s site to see how they stack up.

    You keep on keeping on and be sure to set aside time to watch the grass grow.

  23. Oh Lisa. What a gift you’ve given us today–to see you “live” and hear your voice! You are exactly as I thought you’d be; I guess that means you’re a terrific writer. But we already know that. This was such fun, and really useful. Thank you! Yes, please include my name for the blush. It looks great on you.

  24. Loved your video! Also noticed the pretty glow that your pink blouse lends to your nice complexion. I am 56 and am light on the makeup but I have pale skin and long hair that has gone from brown to now a streaky, silvery white blonde. Eyebrows too. A co-worker gave me a good tip about using a brown eyeshadow and an angled tip brush to add natural color to my brows. Works fantastic and stays! So many shades to choose from; way more than with eyebrow pencils. I follow with a little brow brush so my brows never look drawn on. I accent my green eyes with an automatic eye pencil, ALWAYS in green, and a touch of green shadow to set it. In Florida, makeup can melt…
    Lip color is always a tinted lip balm like Burt’s Bees. Darker shades are too much for me. I use my finger to lightly apply a light matching shade of something like Cover Girl + Oil of Olay, just here and there, as needed. Simple and natural.
    People always think I’m visiting Florida because my skin is so fair. I don’t try to tan.
    Would love to try the blusher!!! I haven’t ever tried any. Might break up my overall light appearance. I do like the way my green eyes show up, just as your blue eyes do :-)
    Hmmm, mascara is another thing I don’t have and maybe should try. My lashes are very straight though.
    Fun post!!!

  25. I’ve gone back and forth between medium-cover foundation and tinted moisturizers, but I’m now really happy with Cover FX. I put VERY little into whatever moisturizer/SPF I’m using at any given time. Love it.

    I’ve used cream blush in the past but went back to powder; I just wasn’t happy with the blendability. But I do think creams are friendlier to less-than-young skin. (I’m not old!)

  26. Thanks so much for posting your makeup routine. As someone new to reading blogs (and approaching 58 years of age), I find it wonderful that people are willing to share their tips, tricks and secrets to aging gracefully.

  27. Very nice video, Lisa. I especially enjoyed the “boing”–so important to know the right terminology. I have darker hair with just a dusting of white around my face, but am finding that combination less flattering as I age. Lightening my hair to a medium brown helps achieve a sort of harmony.
    I’ll look for Dr. Hauschka’s mascara. Please do sign me up for the blush, and thanks.

  28. What a fun video. My routine is similar to yours but for one addition. I use Lacome’s Artliner to place a thin brown eyeliner line at my upper lash line. It’s all about showing up and I don’t have bright blue eyes to help with that!

  29. Thanks for this video! It was interesting to watch and I thought the result was very flattering and appropriate for day-to-day wear. I would love to try that creme blush you used- lovely color!

    Have you tried any of the new Burt’s Bees actual lipsticks? I am really enjoying the one I bought. Very smooth to apply and wears for quite awhile.

  30. Fun to see more of you!
    I’m the sort who pages impatiently past the Beauty section in any magazine I pick up, but your approach would work for me. I used always to wear a tinted moisturiser, blush, mascara, light neutral eye shadow, very occasionally eyebrow pencil. These days, I’m not bothering often with the tinted moisturiser (always a serum/oil/cream though, morning and night).

  31. Great post. The video was wonderful. A few miscellaneous comments: I am the same age that you are. I’m always amused by the need for eyebrow pencil as I have so much eyebrow I can’t imagine ever needing it. When I was young I plucked them into oblivion (almost), then one day when I was still young, I gave that up. Think Brooke Shields – those are the kind of eyebrows I have! I need less eyebrow not more! I always wore mascara and felt it was necessary, but then got to the point that I couldn’t see well enough to put it on without also getting some on my face! It’s just too hard to do while simultaneously wearing glasses! I gave it up. I would like to be entered in your giveaway and thanks for doing it.

  32. How adorable you are – I’m still smiling!

    I think our birthdays are only a few weeks apart and my face is fading as well. I like to play up my green eyes with an eye pencil on the top eyelash line and lately I’ve been wearing a pink-ish, red-ish lipstick (actually a mix of colors), which I find brightens my face.

    The Givenchy eyebrow powder/pencil looks like a great find, as does the cream blush. I’ve always used a powder blush, but usually end up wiping most of it off.

  33. I have used foundation for years — started with a lot of coverage, sice I tended to break out well into my 30’s and 40’s (even now in my 50’s — sheesh!!) But I find that the coverage is increasingly heavy-feeling, or else too chalky. So I’m ready to try that tinted moisturizer you mentioned.

    I’ve never gotten the hang of blush — maybe the powder ones I tried were just the wrong formulation and it’s a cream I should be using. Worth a try . . . .

  34. Your vid was sweet. Thank you for sharing it. You sound just as I imagined from your writing.

    I’m down to moisturizer with mineral-based sunscreen, a dusting of mineral-based face powder (also with spf), nude lip pencil and peachy-pink lipstick with spf. I have rosacea and the less I mess with my skin, the better it seems to look. My eyebrows are still dark and decently full (I didn’t pluck a single hair for six months to get them back). Mascara never stays on me for me longer than a couple of hours so I’ve given it up. Expensive mascara, cheap mascara–it all flakes off and settles under my eyes. But my eyelashes are still dark, though more sparse than I’d like.

    Because of the rosacea, I only wear unscented makeup, use unscented products on my face, etc. For me, fragrance is an irritant and some essential oils are allergens. Several years ago, while vacationing in Portland, I ended up in the ER from a reaction to a lemon-scented lotion by a very well-known name.

    I do use blush occasionally but I have enough.

  35. Love the video, especially enjoy hearing your voice! I’m interested in the cream blush (both wearing Cheekie and being cheeky).

  36. What fun! It was almost as good as a visit with you (which we have to arrange soon!). I remember trying the Julie Hewitt blush at one point and being very impressed with it. Don’t know where it wandered off to, but at this point probably best to buy a new one.

  37. Great make up suggestions and I would love to try the Cheekie…for the name if nothing else! Currently use a powder blush but think I need to upgrade. Actually know I need to upgrade all make up. Most frustrating is that at 60 I am STILL breaking out. Eek.
    Fun to hear your voice on the video.

  38. Lisa
    I loved your video. I also use a beauty blender but have not used the “boing” application technique. I’m trying that tomorrow as it seems to make your foundation look so natural. I haven’t used cream blush in years but based on your recommendation will have to get some.

  39. Hello Lisa,
    My everyday make-up is Chanel’s Les Beige Healthy Glow Fluid it’s light and gives me nice coverage. I use a wedge sponge to blend my powder rouge from Gabrielle but have always wanted to try a creme. Maybeliiene has been my mascara of choice and I also use an eyebrow pencil by Chanel No. 10 Blond Clair a spiral brush one end and pencil on the other. Lipstick
    colors are cinnamon or a pinkish-brown. I loved the video and hearing your voice.

  40. You’re darling and I am even more sure that I want to be you in 14 years (I’ll be grown up then, right?). Eyebrow pencil is my friend as I get grayer across the board. Are you not wearing the Medival red by Lipstick Queen anymore? Please enter me for the blush!

  41. Blush and lipstick are my face’s saving grace as I age, I even wear lipstick to mow the lawn! In our dry climate some kind of lip balm is necessary and it might as well bring some color to my face. On that note please enter me for the blush as I’ve been thinking of trying a cream. Enjoyed your video immensely, good job! (It was like looking in a mirror!)

  42. “The first and probably only video ever of LPC on this blog”

    Oh no you don’t. The bravos are unanimous! The Board does not usually disagree with our CEO, indeed this will likely be the first and only time. Resolved: we look forward to many, many, many MORE videos [the frequency and duration shall be left to your good judgement].

  43. Love the idea of makeup “returning my face”. I don’t want a new one, just want this old one to tell my story of 58 well-lived years. Thank you for this.

  44. Hope I am not too late to enter the giveaway! I am trying so hard to spruce my face up a little, as my 64th birthday is due…..funny I feel 29. Loved the video, so nice to finally “meet ” you! Do more!!!

  45. I’ve recently been shopping for a cream blush-ready to make the switch from powder. Perfect timing!

  46. I loved this! always nice to get fresh ideas on “home improvement” since this body/face has been my home for 61 years. would love to try that pot of blush….mine is running low….and that means time to shake it up with something new! thanks for your posts that bring thoughtfulness each time…xx-hb

  47. I would love to try the blush! That, and lipstick are the only makeup items I wear due to work requirements primarily. And my little pan of LM creme blush is on its way to the poubelle. I’m now trying to get out what’s left in the edges. Also, very interested in safer products. Love your blog!

  48. wait, wait…pick me, pick me. love julie hewitt. i have one of her beige lipsticks that i use when i want to tone down a too bright lipstick. would love to try the posie cream blue. Ms. Lisa (the other Lisa)

  49. Your explanation of WHY was very helpful to this almost-59-year-old shunner of makeup. Loved the video! please enter my name in the giveaway

  50. Really enjoyed hour video thanks so much for posting. I think you did a great job, and like the above poster, I also enjoyed hearing your voice. You should do more videos and talk to us more often! To Rosie who needed the more ash eye pencil, I have the same issue and for years now have used Anastasia eye pencil in the ash shade. I think it is now called taupe or just ash blonde. It has absolutely no red tone but does not go on grey. As to blush I went to a cream a year ago when I finally found one that would not fade in an hour or break me out. It’s just the cubby sticks by Clinique, but I would love to try yours so please put me down for the giveaway. Makeup is so important to talk about as age becomes an issue. I too have the horror of winding up that pink cheeked little old lady. My grandmother who did not go in for much makeup used to say the best cosmetic was a good sense of humor. Hoping I can keep that as the years go by if nothing else. Love your blog. Always a treat to find it in my inbox.

    1. @Charlene,

      Thanks Charlene!
      Will give it a go. Read that Shiseido’s black is rather a pale gray. And thanks LPC, for bringing up the subject. xox

  51. I do not usually watch videos but yours was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. Like the others, hearing your voice was great. I always do my eyebrows so your eyebrow pencil is now on my list to try, and maybe use your application technique!
    I would like to try the blush so please enter me in the contest.

  52. Love the video, and I don’t usually. You speak just as you write and it is wonderful, like settling in for a talk with a friend. Anyway, I love Julie Hewett’s camellia lip balm and have been thinking about trying cheekie, so I’d like to try the blush.

  53. Love the video and especially the overlaid commentary! I love make up in theory but it’s actual use and application generally eludes me. Please count me in for the giveaway.

    I too use a tint foundation FRENCH from Europe………LOVE IT!SUN SCREEN and cover in one!I found the eyebrow DEMO interesting as I have yet to do that!SO thank you!The time will be here in a zip!
    How will I get her in the CAR?When she does not want to have ONE THING TO DO WITH ME!
    THIS HAS BEEN A WEEK………..I do not want to remember…………this was a good diversion!THANK YOU!

  55. What fun. You are gorgeous in person, makeup or no. But…OK, I’m 75 and I’ve let my grey hair grow long. (well, to my shoulders) suddenly there was a lot of grey around my face. I needed to up the color quotient on my face. Still can’t wear dark lipstick. Rather I don’t feel comfortable in it. You’ve inspired me. I must do a makeup video for all those 75-year-old women on the web. Ha! That’s only me! Thanks for the mention Lisa. You’re so right about the mascara. New is the best. I must try your eyebrow pencil. If I don’t do my eyebrows I’m a ghost. This was fun.

  56. So nice to hear your voice. Please put me on your list for the creme blush, would love to try as you are right the powders sit on the skin.
    Love the eye brow brush that is so forgiving….we all need a little forgiveness as we age.
    You are so lovely,
    Thank you for sharing

  57. Lisa, the video is adorable. Brava! I al also all about eyes, and thus would add a pencil eyeliner in greyed green or violet or bronze. I adore a cream blush, though I’ve never tried the Hewett (Stila Convertible for me, Lilium I think? or Peony).

    If the company is happy enough to want to reward you further: Hewett (I learned about her from my former SIL, a movie makeup artist) made her name with a line of pigment-intense reds, but she also makes a lovely set of paler, more sheer colors called Bijous that are very wearable.

  58. Thank you for this Lisa. You are both pragmatic and inspiring. This was so useful for me.

  59. WOW! Lisa, you really hit a nerve with us gals over 50!

    I have been blonde all my life with peaches and cream skin, medium brown eyebrows and golden hazel eyes. Without make up I have ALWAYS been barely there. Since heavy, dramatic make-up has never looked good on me, not much of a change has been needed over the years.

    Eyebrows – around 40 I noticed the outer portions of my eyebrows starting to sag. Apparently make-up artists call that the “tail” of your eyebrow. Rather than invest in a Lateral Brow Lift surgery, I gave myself my own “lift” by tweezing the hairs from below the brow bone so that I can redefine the “tail” in a higher position. It really makes one’s eyes look more open and youthful. Thick eyebrows can make you look youthful but when ungroomed below the brow bone you just look old and hairy. La belle Brooke Shields DOES remove those errant hairs!

    Lips & Cheeks – the idea of using the same product for lips and cheeks (for instances “Cheekie”) is spot on. I have been doing that for over 35 years. I use my cream lipstick in both locations. That reduces the number of products you have to buy, saves space in your make-up bag and, saves time. Since we are trying to replicate and enhance a natural look, doesn’t it make sense that cheeks and lips should match in color? Not necessarily the same intensity but the same color.

    Rosecea – Ugh! It is always worse when I have been gardening. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Photofacial works very well to eliminate both brown and red spots (ahem, Lisa?). They usually cost between $150 to $300 per treatment. However, one of my local dermatologists has a “sale” every 6 months for $99. I buy up 3 sessions when on sale and have it done every 2 months.

    SUGAR SCRUB for Rosecea works miracles. I get mine from France. It clears up the acne part of Rosecea and exfoliates without irritation. Works marvelously on elbows and knees,too. Love it!

    Smiles from Charlotte Des Fleurs

  60. Hey Lisa,

    as a long-time “anonymous” reader of your blog, I always promised myself to leave you a comment but actually never did. Shame on me!

    To honor the moment and since you now kind of visited me via screen, I feel it’s finally time to say “Hello” and a very big “Thank you” for all these years of writing inspiring blog posts. You did a good job with your tutorial!

    Kind regards across the pond

    1. No shame! Never shame! We don’t like shame but we do like long-time readers very much, and all the warm regards back to you in turn. It’s lovely to meet you.

  61. Fun video! Thank you for sharing. I’m still struggling to find the “perfect” tinted moisturizer/BB cream for my over 50 face. Orange is just wrong. I desire healthy products, and they must be gluten free (I’m allergic). I have found and love, BOOM Color stick by Cindy Joseph, for cheeks and lips. There are days I use just the Boom stick and add Jane Iredale brows and a dab of mascara. I also use Red Apple Lipstick, they have both lip and eye products. Neither company uses the nasty products you spoke of.

  62. Thank-you! You are so brave! I do pretty much the same and am loving the Beauty Counter products. I wear sunscreen daily and coconut oil my face as a treat. I try to use ingestible products as often as I can. Olive oil. Baking soda….

  63. Fun post and video. Another vote for Dr. Hauschka mascara. Not only does it smell like roses, but it is very subtle, almost like a stain (I use the regular one, not the Volume version) and best of all washes off really well — no pulling and scrubbing the eyelids.

    1. Yes, the regular one is so subtle, so comfortable, and comes off so easily. Thanks for reminding me of that benefit!

  64. the video was great! thank you for sharing it. I am 52 and a redhead so eyebrows have been a thing for me for most of my life. I do like the tinted brow gel by Anastasia but its so expensive. I have found a ‘dupe’ on amazon called ‘Measurable Difference’ which helps the brows grow while it tints and holds them in place. I like the ‘caramel’ color. I think brows are so important to add structure to the face as we age, but keeping it natural is important. I also like the Jane Iredale mineral powders with sunscreen as my pores are very large – especially in the summer! I’m going through a reassessment of what makeup I want to wear and what I want to let go. I look at Linda Rodin and she just wears lipstick and nothing else and looks fabulous. great post :)

  65. Where was I when this was first posted? Probably having my eye’s polished so I couldn’t see. This was delightful. Love seeing your routine. I must do one of these for fun. You always look beautiful and natural. You have your own special look that works. Love the “boings.”

    Must try your mascara. I love your line which is so true “the newer mascara is the better mascara no matter the brand.”

  66. Loved your video – its honesty is refreshing! There is a way of presenting oneself when one is a “femme d’un certain age” which is direct and powerful. Think of Christine Lagarde of the IMF – she has silver hair, which she wears proudly and honestly – she has earned it, with her experience and achievements. Think of your facial lines as those gained by being solicitous of others, of being thoughtful, of having fully lived. Nobody begrudged Mother Teresa her lines of compassion! Yes by all means, use makeup to feel comfortable, and to enhance your beautiful features.

  67. e too, please! I would love to try this blush!
    And–Thank you for this great post!
    I will share–R

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