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Back After Labor Day Leaving Some Older Posts For Your Review, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:42am

Hi my cute buddies.

I have kept blogging through the events of my mother’s care, rather than taking my usual quarterly week-long breaks.  But I’ve reached the time to take a deep breath and recover.

Nothing is perfect. Mom’s not going to get better, per se. But I have high hopes that her new facility is a place for her to experience as happiness as is possible. Signs indicate so.

Me, I’m going to lie low and urge my adrenaline to do the same. Several metaphors have come to mind about recent months. For example, I’ve been in Afghanistan. Now I’m still in the desert, but at least it’s Joshua Tree. I’ve been in the boxing ring, and although this match is over, I’m so covered in bruises that just bumping a table makes me cry out in pain. A minor form of PTSD, if you will, which I say in full respect for those who have the real thing.

Life is still good. I am still myself.

I haven’t run out of inspiration for the blog, the opposite, really. So many posts to write, from teeth whitening to orange butterflies to yet more navy. I have simply exhausted my capacity to muster. You know how an idea arrives, and then you cheerily activate your Do It system?

My Do It is done out.

I look forward to returning with the capacity to both gather my thoughts and execute. I hope all of you have a brilliant, spectacular August, whether calm or whirlwind, cold or hot.

As a parting token, here are a few older posts you might like,  if you’re new to Privilege, and you might indulge me in if you’ve been here a long time.

All the best to all of you.

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33 Responses

  1. Ooh. Rest up and enjoy ! We will be here when you get back. In the meantime, whaaahh! Gonna miss your great posts.

    Hope your mother will be as content as possible.

  2. We’ll miss you while you’re away and look forward to you coming back relaxed and refreshed.

  3. Lisa,you really need a break and time for yourself
    Take care
    I’m so glad that storm is over

  4. I do so hope you and SH will have a space of quiet time together during your break, maybe even put on that Kane tape dress in celebration of your wedding anniversary [which I think arrives mid-August?], thinking of you as always, Cheers! Been where you are once, and am there again worrying over baby brother [age 63 early AA onset, heartbreaking]. Painful to talk about, don’t know how you’ve done it these past months right here on this page, we thank you for the beautiful words you’ve wrapped around the pain of loss. Much love to you, Lisa. xo xo

  5. I found your blog about 2 weeks ago and have been in love with your style of writing. I’ve also deeply appreciated your honesty and heart. I hope you are able to rest this month and look forward to getting caught up on your old posts until you return!

  6. Enjoy your holiday and have a good rest. I have found that meditation (just 10 mins a day) is excellent for reviving ones equilibrium after a stressful period. Josephine

  7. I’m trying to resolve the mid fifties swimsuit challenge right now and once again turning to your comforting presence and practical posts. I’m hoping you’ll return from your rest refreshed and in as peaceful a state of mind as possible.

  8. Rest and take care of yourself, Lisa. You’ve been through an emotionally turbulent time and deserve time for you! Thinking of you.

  9. Yes – rest, relax, recuperate, rejuvenate …

    You’ve been through a really rough stretch, and you deserve a full measure of sunshine and lollipops and walks on the beach with someone you love – and maybe a new High WASP frock or two to set you up for the fall?

    Have a good month away – and don’t worry, we’ll all still be here when you return!

  10. Breathe, my Dear, breathe.
    My goodness, I feel where you are. I went through something same/different 3 years ago when I lost my Mom, my elderly beloved dog and my Dad within 6 months. Not to mention fitting in a stepdaughter’s wedding 4 days after my Mom died (I did all the flowers, than you), graduating school(me), my husband’s 70th birthday…At the time, I thought I was doing S P L E N D I D I D L Y. But looking back and looking at the collateral waste created not fully taking care of myself then…I was N O T F I N E.
    Do take good care. embrace those odd little endearing moments with your Mom, when they glimmer through. They are Jewels! I have such treasures…
    Don’t lose your sense of the absurd! There is such outrageous humor in all of it and the laughter can aerate you like shaking out an old duvet in the fresh sunshine!
    Embrace the caretakers and ignore the naysayers.
    Take baths with epsom salts. Good hot water and about 3 heaping cups of epsom salt and a glass of wine or a chilled martini (in moderation) can do WONDERS! Wonders!!!
    And Thank You for sharing your vulnerability with the Sisterhood. So many of us have walked or will walk the same path and it is good to know you are not alone!!!

  11. Be good to yourself while caretaking. You need to know that you are a wonderful daughter!

  12. Lisa, you are so darling. What a blessing you are to your mother. It’s good to slow down the pace for a bit–it will help you to keep moving forward. I’ll be thinking of you.

  13. Rest, relax, and roll with the punches as they say. We will miss you, but more importantly, we know you are doing what you need to do to for yourself That is the most important.

  14. Caretaking is exhausting. Sounds like a tired cliche but it is true that you need to take care of yourself in order to continue.

    Bon courage!

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