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Bringing Home Fashion Inspiration From #NYFW2016 And Liking A Big Plaid

Often we who live lower-case suburban lives wonder what on earth upper-case Fashion has to do with us. We don’t see ourselves easily in the Big Trends – shirts without shoulders, coats covered in jewels, heels that tilt so far forward we need a strong headwind as scaffold.

So how to incorporate just enough of something new in our wardrobes that we can feel current? Not trendy, not cutting-edge, just of this era?

We pick and choose. This year, I’m considering the Big Plaid. I do not know why it looked so interesting, perhaps in contrast to the stripes and florals prevalent in recent years? In any case, I could imagine that I might find myself something along these lines.

If you’re looking to give this a shot in a less spendy manner, H&M to the rescue. Alternatively, Neiman Marcus is having a double gift card event, which makes that Current/Elliot shirtdress (which I myself would call a long top thank you very much), available for a good deal less.

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  1. I love plaid. Already have 2 plaid blazers from years back. Guess I’m just so trendy!!!! LOL.

  2. I must pull out my Burbery jacket and plaid scarf…I saw quite a few plaid tops at the shops this week. Still love the striped tops by Saint James and others…not so much a trend shopper these days but I do like to feel that I am still keeping up appearances!

  3. Your commentary on calling a dress for what it really is – a long top – is a big clue why suburbanites don’t follow the latest fashions. I can only imagine the looks one would receive wearing that article of clothing and having everyone around thinking I’ve forgotten to wear my skirt or trousers with it.

    Adore both the Etro and Suno pieces you’ve included in this post.

    1. @Chronica Domus, I think my suburb ought to have a motto. Here We Wear Pants. What do you think? And you have of course picked the most artistic of the pieces. The Suno is a work of art IMO.

  4. I like the colors in the Suno outfit.

    The Gap has a lot of Pendleton plaid shirts, with softer hues that are some kind of rayon blend, not wool, that are attractive. I have a hard time passing up shirts with Western yolks.

  5. In fall I yearn for plaid pleated skirts and twin sets, which no one my age wears anymore, even ironically. I also yearn for a Norma Kamali flannel long-skirted, long-sleeved dress of yellow / black buffalo plaid circa 1985. I have no idea where or why I ever parted with it. Sometimes I’m just an idiot.

    1. @Ann, I had a blue-green plaid Ralph Lauren midiskirt in the 80s, that I kept until the 90s – I wish I still had it too! We weren’t idiots, just young;).

  6. First, Lisa, thanks for continuing to honor us “lower-case” suburbanites. In Fashion World, we usually don’t register on the radar. One of the many reasons I love your blog. And I also love plaid! The sharp graphic-ness is as close to print as I come.

  7. Always loved plaid. Pleated plaid skirts, black watch plaid Blazers, even plaid flannel shirts. So eternally cozy.

  8. OMG, thank goodness I purchased a plaid poncho from Eileen Fisher last year. It isn’t a poncho exactly because it doesn’t close in the front. You very theatrically throw it around your shoulders creating a beautiful collar around your face. But I can’t remember what those are called.

  9. Love plaid…but then again I come from the land of lumberjacks…so…one might expect that. Love that you have come up wth a motto for your neighbourhood. I can think of some for mine… but will hold my tongue…don’t want to incur anyone’s wrath.

  10. I love plaids, but ones that don’t have too much contrast between colors. I have a few plaid tops, that are beautiful, but I just don’t seem to reach for them. I’m even off stripes some. As I sort of go along on this uniform hunt and easy dressing, I find I’m drawn to solids, and neutrals of course. The Adam Lippes top is my favorite.

    1. @Kathy, Interesting, I find myself moving toward patterns – albeit subtle ones, probably in reaction to all those years in sober work clothes.

  11. In my opinion, a little bit of large plaid is easy to carry but anything encompassing the waist up or the entire frame is difficult at best. Tall, very slim models carry big plaids the best!

    I’ll continue to enjoy my Burberry trench and wool plaid scarf as well as my Barbour jackets with the plaid lining. Does this make me fashionable out of fashion? Susan

  12. Thought for a few minutes of anything I might have with plaid…my husband has some plaid boxersI have nothing against plaid but apparently don’t gravitate to it. I once had a super- soft pale turquoise and white plaid flannel tunic with a cowl neck. Loved that thing! Wore it out! I do love me some plaid flannel…maybe if I came across the right shirt with some soft lavender, grey, and a touch of violet I would absolutely get it.

  13. Plaid is one of my favorite colors. :-) Had a Python moment there, reading your post, “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK…” So, thanks for that along with the the fashion inspiration.

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