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Going For It, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:10am Eastern Time

New York has been extraordinary. And I’m ready to go home.

It was a quick trip but full and audacious. Sue of Une Femme d’un Certain Age and I managed to see the whole Tom Ford show from outside the back window of the Four Seasons. My best friend and I took a pedicab tour of New York, rode the subway on a 90 degree day in a car without air-conditioning, and ate at Katz’s Deli. My son and I got seated at Lisa Hoang’s show, as walk-ins.

I’ll tell you all about it next week. This week. Where are we in the calendar again? And if I’ve been irresponsible and piqued your curiosity without reward, or you haven’t seen my Instagram feed over the past few days, I offer some random tidbits there.

Have a wonderful weekend. Audacity, in measured doses, doesn’t seem to age.

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  1. Ha! Just want to tell you that I ride the subway without air conditioning pretty regularly. They just did a news story where the mayor of TO got on the subway on an un-air conditioned car (prompted by a regular rider) to go from one end to the other (should take just under an hour). The subway had serious issues that day – as seems to be the case far too often – and it took more than 2 hours. And they were in a packed car that was 36C – before the people. It was a total nightmare news story for the TTC. But just think of me some morning at 8 am, trying not to smack sweaty people smushing their napsack into my face. Or an armpit. Ugh. (Why I walk most of the time.) Admittedly, we’ve been in heat wave mode for 4 months now. Not a usual state of affairs.

  2. Oh,lovely (except no aircondition)!
    I was wondering who might be Une femme’s companion :-)
    Love the restaurant
    Happy return!

  3. It is lovely to read a post filled with such adventures, but in particular it is lovely to feel the joy coming through your words. I looked at your Instagram feed, and enjoyed your photos. It all sounds and looks wonderful except for the high temperatures. I wish I could have joined you for a cocktail and a bite in the lounge at Le Bernardin. Gin-cured gravlax… Welcome home, where it is topping out in the high seventies, and the nights are full of the cool promise of our coming autumn days. Twelve days to the autumnal equinox, speaking Northern hemispherically.

  4. Audacity is close to the top of list of the joys of a certain age. My mother and aunt were swanning around NYC one day in the ’80s. For a lark, they decided to drop into the Lincoln Centre to see if there were tickets available for the evening gala featuring Luciano Pavarotti. Yes, a pair of tickets for $1000 each – a bit rich for their tastes. On a whim my aunt turned as they were leaving and asked if there was another, less expensive, pair. As it happens, there was a pair for $30 each. In they swanned to the Opera House that night, marvelling at the hoi polloi of New York in their finest. From the upper back reaches of the hall, but there nonetheless.

  5. You didn’t make it to the Kim France/Claire V do? The bags were great and Kim herself is lovely.

    Otherwise it sounds like a perfect dip into the waters of NYFW.

  6. I just love New York. My daughters and I love to hit Pomme Frites when we are there. That and Joya in Brooklyn for theeee best Thai food.

    Your trip sounds like a blast, as we used to say.

  7. I just wish you had run into our baby granddaughter in NYC! I KNOW you would have recognized her. So happy to hear that your trip was so perfect!

  8. You are a fabulous writer! And experiencer. :) Thank you so much for this “made me feel like I was there too” post. BTW, I love your hat and, consequently, have just decided to pack one for NOLA trip this weekend.

    1. @Ann, Thank you and you are welcome! That hat is one of the only ones I’ve found that doesn’t make me feel like an idiot in regular wear. Even in the suburbs. Preventing the dreaded pink scalp, don’t you know:).

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