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Shopbop 25% Sale On All Kinds Of Stuff Starts Today

Hi guys. Shopbop, an online retailer that specializes in not-cheap but not-always-too-much modern-but-not-neessarily-cutting-edge will be running a sale for the next three days. 25% if you buy up to $500, 30% off if you haven’t gotten around to fall wardrobe updates and want to dive in deep. Code is MAINEVENT16, I suppose because this is the site’s main sale event of the year.

There are a few brands and items not included, but the sale runs pretty broadly.

I know I’d wear this sweatshirt 2-3 times/week, because a) sweatshirt b) randomly distributed embroidered stars. If only they had it in a Medium. Lucky you Larges.


And Shopbop is good for denim, sneakers, ankle boots, bags, jackets – all that It Girl In New York Who Just Happened To Wander In From Minnesota look that has defined 2016. With the embellishments and lush textures of 2017. A few pieces of type work pretty darn well to modernize our I Do Love Nordstrom And I’m No Longer A Girl Suburban Casual too. Onward.

Take the discount off the prices shown in this widget. (Can you tell I’m in need of some cognac shoes?)

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  1. Apsolutely! The fall calls for it :-)
    Love the colour- maybe you are in need of cognac shoes AND ankle boots :-)?

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