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And For Your Friday Amusement, Special Blue Nile Discounts Just For Privilege Readers

The week is winding down. Or done. You’re at your desk, hearing the sound of the customer service people gathering for an in-office happy hour. You’re 30 years older than all of them. You’ll go, it’s what leaders do, but you take a moment to clear your mind with retail recreation.

Or the week is winding down. Or done. You’re on your sofa, children fed, bathed and in bed with your dear one reading them stories. You’ll go in to sing lullabies in a minute, but you’re just browsing. Almost without thought.

And lo and behold, a couple of Blue Nile discount codes just for Privilege readers. Oh best beloved, as Mr. Kipling would say.

20% off Regularly Priced Gemstone Jewelry: Code || PRIVILEGEGEMS2016

Save 40% on Select jewelry + Free Shipping on Every Order!: Code || PRIVILEGESECRET2016

10% off Regularly Priced Jewelry Code || PRIVILEGEHARVEST2016

Some exclusions apply, such as loose diamonds, a few designers, build your own engagement ring, etc. But that does leave a lot to play with for you ever-so-deserving buddies. Enjoy.

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks, Lisa – was thinking of buying my daughter diamonds studs for birthday or graduation next year – may be time to pull the trigger now. Will head over and look around.

    1. @linda, My pleasure. If not now, there might be a time when they have a diamond earring sale, specifically. I can ask the relationship manager if such a thing exists:).

  2. thanks, Lisa, I just bought a ring for my daughter’s 21st – she’d been cruising Blue Nile for the right style and I just pushed the button! fingers crossed

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