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And For My Friends Here, Today For Those Who Comment, Guest Towels In A Giveaway From Samuel Scheuer Linens


Fun story with an even better ending. I ordered a whole slew of these Henry Handwork embroidered guest towels, and posted about them here. I admit I want to ornament the holidays this year, to gather my loved ones close in a fairy tale house of High WASP fripperies.

The store, Samuel Scheuer Linens in San Francisco, must have noticed all you nice people visiting their site, because their rep got in touch with me and offered to send me either another pair of towels or a set of cocktail napkins, as a thank you present. Wasn’t that unexpected and nice?


But since I had already ordered abundantly for myself, it felt only natural to host a giveaway. After all, if we can have Friendsmas for artisans, we should have a Friendsmas simply from me to you.


A couple of notes. For the first time ever I’m going to limit this giveaway to those who have previously commented, as a special thank you to for all your time over these past (almost) 8 years. Unfortunately, the entrants also need to be limited to people in the USA. But no need to tell a story this time. A simple, “Yes, please,”  the name of the design you’d like from the assortment here, and whether you’d like a pair of towels or a set of four cocktail napkins, or one towel and two napkins, will suffice. In retrospect, not 100% simple;).

I will announce the winner this Friday, November 25th, along with a couple of Thanksgiving weekend online sales of note.

By the way, Scheuer Linens have a Hanukah towel too. This year Christmas Eve falls on the first first night of Hanukah, so my extended family and I will be celebrating Chrismukah. Or, as we have often and happily said to each other on the doorstep, feet stomping to dry and breath fogging in a California kind of chill,  “KWISSMISS TIME!”

Let’s keep the holidays happy, cute, courteous, and true to our hearts. Often easier said than done. Cheers and thank you very much for everything.


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60 Responses

  1. Yes, please and thank you. The partridge in a pear tree on ivory cotton, guest towels, would be lovely!

  2. Yes please and thank you!!! Peacock Green on white cotton guest towel. Just beautiful!!!

  3. Yes, please. Feather gold on white cotton on the guest towels. Thank you for this lovely holiday gift.

  4. Yes, please. Love the Aganthasis (those beautiful blue flowers on the natural linen tea towels.) Would make a lovely gift. Thanks!

  5. Yes, please and thank you! I love all of them, but particularly the tennis on white cotton towels!

  6. Yes, please. The gold snowflake on natural linen might survive in my home. Thank you for holding this give-away.
    Your posts are wonderful. I read every one.

  7. Thank you for the generous giveaway, yes, please and thank you. If I win, I choose a pair of partridge in a pear tree towels. Good luck, everyone!

  8. Yes please! I am swooning with nostalgia after perusing the many many designs available. I had not realized that embroidered guest towels held such a wellspring of remembered emotion.

    Coral fan red on ivory linen towels, please :-)

  9. Yes Please and Thank you. I love those lips!
    (Towels) Thank you for doing your part to divert our attention and focus thanks giving.

  10. Yes, please! You and Scheuer Linens have made me realize how naked the guest towel rack looks without two lips towels on it. Thanks to you both.

  11. Yes, please. Poppies on white cotton. A pair of towels would be lovely. And thank you for the thought.

  12. Yes, please. Bough Glitter on Ivory Linen would be my choice, but sooooooooooooooooooooooo difficult to pick one favorite. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  13. Yes, please! You are always so generous. Thank you so much. Love the MEDIEVAL CROWN ON FLECK LINEN–pair of towels would be gorgeous. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  14. Yes…PLEASSSSSSEEE…the kiss towels white would make me smile…(How am I going to survive this drawing without a story?….Thanks to Scheur for providing the generous gifts and to you for being kind to share…

  15. Yes, please! Crab Indigo on White Cotton (for my mother-in-law) and Lavender Pot on White Cotton for me! Thank you.

  16. Yes indeed! I’d be so pleased to win the Shell Wreath on Ivory Cotton Guest Towels . Perfect for the holidays here in Florida. Warm regards to you.

  17. I don’t know if I count since I just found your blog a few months ago and haven’t commented much; but if I do, yes please to the silver snowflake on white cotton guest towels. Thank you for the giveaway and thank you for your beautiful writing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Yes, please. Would love towels with a silver snowflake on white cotton. And, thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. Yes, please. I have not commented much, though, and would not be hurt to be trimmed from the list. But I’m unreasonably taken with the Scatter Heart on white cotton (which may, unfortunately, be out of stock entirely) and the Bough Silver on white linen. Or a pair of owls for my sister. Or… oh, help. They should have fewer glorious designs!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving,dear Lisa,to you,your family and your readers!
    Lovely and generous way to celebrate :-)

  21. Yes, please, I’d like the Santa towels. And I hope I count as U.S. even though I’m writing this from Tasmania, where we temporarily escaped post-election.

  22. Yes, please!

    Pineapple on White Cotton, in four cocktail napkins. Thank you for your endless kindness in giveaways and words, dear.

  23. Wow, awesome YOU! Well alright then, yes please but only if you’ll select the two holiday handtowels your Mother would most like to have at her residence, and give them to her as a surprise. xo xo

  24. Yes, please! So hard to choose, but I’d love the Partridge Pear Tree on ivory napkins. Thank you for so generously giving away your gift. Happy Thanksgiving!

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