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Surprisingly Full Of Energy, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:17am

For superstitious reasons I hesitate to tell you, but, this past week I’ve had a burst of energy. I almost don’t know what to do! Except use a rare exclamation mark in a blog post.

Does this happen to you?

I used to buzz at a high frequency all the time. Until I’d collapse, spent, for a day on the sofa reading magazines, (remember magazines?) watching television, and eating snacks. All at once.

But the past couple of years I’ve been decidedly tired. In 2015, 6 months of hormonally-driven health problems left me prone way more often than reasonable. In 2016, of course, my mother’s transition from her shared house in Santa Barbara with my stepfather to a nearby memory care facility, the problems in that process, exhausted me.

But suddenly I’m bubbling again. I am prepared for this to pass, to re-tire, if you will. But, today, in this moment, I’m thinking enthusiastically . As one does.

First, why the new energy? Possibilities:

  • Less worry about Mom
  • Change in my diet, from red meat-intensive to primarily chicken, fish, and vegetables
  • Aiming for (and achieving more often) two yoga classes and three 30 minute walks a week
  • No more midday TV on the sofa. TV stills my metabolism better than even martinis,
  • Hewing to my alcohol moderation program, if not perfectly, consistently over time

Probably the ubiquitous All Of The Above, but I also think thank the visit to friends in Austin, and the comments here last Saturday. Hearing other lives, other approaches. The voice of community quiets self talk, clearing space for that small happy impulse to action. Like stop-action movies of plants flowering.

Second, what to do, especially since this may pass?

  • Plan for the holidays. Not cooking for Thanksgiving, but, planning all kinds of decor for Christmas. Hoping to avoid too much shedding greenery.
  • Focus on the blog. As always, I want balance, between fashion and home, monetized and not, images and writing, humor and sentiment. Christmas frenzy can make that difficult.
  • Get out the vote.
  • Try in general to operate without feeling like I have to urge myself forward. Move instead with natural momentum. This seems revolutionary.

Here’s what I’m not doing: any extra cleaning or decluttering. I know some might hit the closets, clearing out old photos, finding the stuff bag for an Aerobed. Not me. Although, now that I think of it, maybe I’ll get there too.

Have a wonderful weekend, one and all around.

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  1. I’m glad you’re having this burst of energy, and feeling so well. I’m so tired from this election cycle….hoping for my burst on Wednesday?

  2. Happy to hear about the burst of energy + positive vibrations :-).
    Go out,enjoy,share the feeling-not with closets and aerobeds-too precious for that!

  3. The weather is gorgeous today here too! A great day for a hike at Arastradero.

    Just avoid Town and Country and Stanford in general because of the game. Traffic is stacking up already

  4. Yay, enjoy the energy! So glad to hear you are feeling good.

    I personally have no energy lately due to first trimester hormones and physical changes. But last night we went to the Board of Elections for early voting, and it really gave me hope. The place was crowded with a very diverse group of residents. It felt so good to participate in the democratic process; no matter how flawed our system is, I’m so glad to be part of it.

  5. Yay for this! You have excellent habits and I think it will last. Funny, I’ve been eating mostly fish and vegetables and taking my vitamins and it makes such a big difference. Gives me the energy to exercise which then gives me more energy and so it builds. So happy you’re in this spot after several tough months with your Mom. Energetic high five to you XO

    1. @DaniBP, It is definitely a virtuous circle and very encouraging, eat well, exercise, have more energy, exercise, and so on. Thanks:).

  6. Happy that you are feeling well, Lisa. Not being a normally high energy person, I used to get my buzz from work. Once I was through the door of the school it was all yakking and leaping around….kind of. Now I have to manufacture it in other ways. Some days work better than others. Life is less stressful, but there are fewer distractions from the stress that does crop up…aging moms being one of them. Still there are those morning walks and this time of year crisp days and piles of leaves et al. So all is good.

  7. Wonderful news that you are experiencing a burst of energy…
    hormones are responsible for many ailments and I would hazard a guess that the Yoga and the walking are the secrets here…oh and of course knowing that your mother is in a safe place.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Wishing you the best. Do you track your steps? I would get maps for all your regional parks and start hiking them.

    1. @Kiki, Thank you. I was tracking my steps, and then developed a nickel reaction to my Apple watch:(. I do like to hike, but I need a companion to enjoy myself.

    2. @Kiki, I can’t reply to Lisa, but re that nickel allergy… I get that sometimes too. I find it helpful to coat the metal in clear nail polish. I don’t know if you could do that to an Apple watch, but might be worth a go seeing as you enjoyed the watch so much.

  9. So pleased to read this! And no, definitely don’t waste the energy on cleaning or organising, at least, not until you’ve spent some on the fun stuff. And good luck, all of you, for next week. . . .

  10. What awesome news! I do believe that hormonal chaos (for some) can be life-alteringly bad, while its in its throes. I’ve had some experience of this myself. I bet you’re on a trajectory for more energy as the hormones cease to be the issue they have been. Everything hormonal resolves slowly – but slow is sure.

    1. @K-Line, Oh that would be so awesome, if this is not a temporary surge but rather a return to my previous mode. If not exactly, then maybe at least close.

  11. Dear Lisa, So happy to hear that YOU are happy and full of energy. It seems like the last 6 months or so you have been so anxious and down. It makes me feel badly for you.

    Wishing you a great day!

    Smiles from Carol

    1. @Carol, My mother fell and broke her hip on May the 10th. So, we are almost at the 6 month mark and fingers crossed all the way that I can emerge. I’ll always be anxious, that’s my way, but it’s always been a cheerful anxiety and I’m, wait for it, ANXIOUS to return;). Ha!

  12. So happy that you’re feeling better. Diet and exercise can overcome so much. We’ve returned to the desert for the winter, with a goal of bicycling 100 miles a week, and joining a gym to provide something to do in the afternoons. The older I get, the longer it takes to get in shape, so we’ll need to do it now. I’m 64 this month.

    1. @Allison, Thank you so very much. 100 miles/week, that sounds outright awesome and like it would qualify for being in shape for most of us. I’m inspired.

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