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La Garçonne, Thoughtfully On Sale

A good sale’s on at La Garçonne, site for Polished Tomboy gear. While I’ve never enjoyed the models’ deadpan stares, and find some of the clothes too-too, they do very well at upleveled basics. Which Polished Tomboys appreciate beyond measure.

Red tartan from from Comme des Garçons anyone?

Isabel Marant also offers a gorgeous red wool moto jacket, Chimala’s got your 100% cotton selvedge denim, Julien Terry your anime-illustrated sweatshirt – oh, wait, maybe that’s mine. And, in the kind of creative retailing touch I enjoy, La Garçonne throws in a tartan Barbour scarf. We all can use a little help mixing it up.

Oh, actually wait, socks from Issy Miyake.


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  1. Yes to the Red Tartan. Tartan is my love language. I still regret not buying those J.Crew red tartan d’Orsay flats last year . . . sigh . . . Goodness, enough of that shallow lamenting. ;-)
    Thanks, Lisa, as always for your post. Good writing is, too, my love language. xo

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