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Some Days You Want To Save The World, Some Days You Just Want Pretty

In the midst of storms both political and thunderish, I’ve found myself drawn to pretty things. We were at the Stanford Shopping Center the other day and I saw this, from Stella McCartney. Beautiful.

But expensive. I noticed Anthropologie is also offering decorative, almost painterly goods.

Less expensive. Still pretty and a balance to passion.

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  1. Love the tshirt. You are making me covet! Who says you can’t save the world in a pretty outfit?

  2. I am seeing more and more embellished clothing, shoes and accessories especially for spring. Although I think it may have started late fall ie the embroidered ankle boots….swoon.

    Yes, the political storms have me running for pretty as well. I am currently drawn to “pretty” in my bedroom. I want soft and fragrant and comfortable and a little sexy. A reprise from the onslaught of ugly!

  3. I’m usually not that girly but I love this shirt! Yes, in these times, we need beauty for balance.

  4. It must be in the situation we find our country…I am off to buy new things for my bath…We crave order and normalcy in the midst of chaos…

    Pretty is much better to crave than, oh say, a symphony bar…smile…

  5. Being pretty was always one way of La Résistance-
    To show that one is not defeated so easily :-)

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