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If You Give A Style Sort Some Black Boots She’s Going To Want The Brown Ones Too

The other night we went out to dinner at Boulevard, a San Francisco institution. I wanted to get fancy, although it’s never required here, so I wore my Prada dress. Also black Isabel Marant Dickers, black Wolford tights, Blue Nile earrings, and this MaxMara camel coat. As I looked in the mirror, I realized I’d get a lot of use out of brown shoes to wear with that same dress.

After all, Prada is not inexpensive, and the fabric is woven to last another decade – at least. It would be only sensible to increase its versatility. Sensible used advisedly.

The next day, we went shopping for a Valentine’s Day present. Early, but we were in the mood. We happened upon a Kenzo tiger tee in bright pink, and I found myself wearing it that night, again with the camel coat. And thought, “Hmm, brown shoes might do better here too.”

As it happens, Marant now makes her Dickers in a brown leather. I know they fit, I know they are comfortable, I’ve had my black ones for five years. I’m mulling it over.

Brown shoes or not, if you were also unaware of how well camel suits pink, isn’t this a happy circumstance? You did already know that one spectacular dress is often more useful than ten that are simply acceptable.


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  1. Oh I was just eyeing that Kenzo tee yesterday…am waiting for the NM gift card event tomorrow. ;-) I’m a believer in multiple colors when you find a shoe style that works brilliantly.

    1. @Susan B, We totally succumbed to an impulse buy. The sweatshirts I loved were just too stiff, so this was perfect. Kind of like the Sea tee that was so fun last summer.

  2. I think I already commented on Instagram, Lisa, but this is a “Top 10” ensemble! I’d say go for a different style of brown boots, such as the Roberto Del Carlo’s. But if you know and love IM’s Dickers, thats a great price!

    I just splurged (for me) on a pair of brown Frye booties, because, as Sue said, “Doesn’t everyone need a pair of brown boots?”

  3. Of course we all should know that if the shoe fits, buy it in every color! Wink, wink

    There is nothing in our wardrobes as versatile as a camel coat. It’s what my friend calls a marrying and burying coat. It works so well with just about everything. Including hot pink.

  4. You look fabulous…that dress is such a stunning pattern and a great shape.
    Brown boots that are comfy, look great and will last more than 5 years…sounds like a no brainer to me if you have the money.

  5. I find cognac more useful for me as an alternative to brown. But they’re all beautiful. And that Prada dress is still fabulous and i agree, one fabulous dress is much better than 10 OK ones.

  6. I prefer brown boots to black. On the other hand, there is the tights issue. Tough to find a brown match, not a fan of black tights with brown boots (although could work with your dress), camel/nude might work.

  7. Your dress was such a good investment. Isn’t it great when a purchase turns out that way! You look great in it too. Yes to the brown boots!

  8. I’m with DocP, I would have hard time with the tights, too. For me, I’ve learned the hard way that brown is, usually, not my colour. Whenever I buy something in that family of color, I don’t reach for it as often. My wardrobe is mostly black, white, grey, with some burgundy and blues as access colors so brown just doesn’t work as well.

    YES, I’ve recently discovered the value of a really great dress to dress up, down and every which way (what you wear on your feet sets the tone!). No more cheap dresses for me!

    1. @Hope, My colors sound like yours, except I can do brown if it’s a reddish brown, and I’m willing to bring in some aqua and a little mustard or purple for accents. I suspect you are even further toward the blue side of the scale than I am. And hooray for great dresses! I will say, if I wore dresses for work, I might relent and go for the more affordable.

  9. Have you ever tried Blondo boots? They are waterproof and with all the rain we have been having they are very practical and reasonably priced.

    1. @Ann Beverly, No I never have! I’ve been wearing my Kamiks in the suburbs and my Aquatalias in the city though:). I find I am still loving the rain, despite the flooding, but I guess that’s because so far my house is dry.

  10. I don’t do brown much, but do agree to different colors. I’d opt for two colors of the same boot as I would know it would be comfortable and work. But I can be kind of boring that way. And one great dress is better than a closet full of OK things.

  11. I’m in love with my/yours MM coat! It is perfect,isn’t it?
    Brown boots are very versatile,in a right nuance, and my choice are also nude fishnet tights
    Your dress is lovely
    I am so sorry that I could not find IM boots here

  12. Love the dress, love the coat, love the restaurant (although the last time I ate there, it was not what it used to be – must go back in hopes that was a ‘one off’ night).

    My mother always wore camel colored coats which I adore but cannot go near because of my skin color sadly. You wear it well.

  13. That’s such a strong, simple look, very straightforward yet full of nuance if that makes any sense (so very you, imho).
    Currently trying to fit everything into a much smaller space has me wanting to simplify, so the comments about the brown boots/tights dilemma resonate, and variety is far lower on my priorities. Probably just a phase. The boots in brown, at that price, would be a good investment based on how much you love the black ones.

    1. @Frances/Materfamilias, How you describe the look is exactly how I like to dress, unfussy, but richly textured, so I’m very please you think it’s me:). And in the end I got the boots but paid full price because I was too nervous to order from Poland. Which is dopey, but there you have it.

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