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A Few Really Pretty Pieces Of Jewelry For You Or A Dear One

Every now and again I feel we need a pretty jewelry post. For bonus ooh-ing and ah-ing. My sweet spot is small precious metal pieces that manage, by intelligent use of what we might call “jewelry white space” and good design, to act bigger than they are. And sometimes cost less than you expect.

This pearl and diamond bar necklace from Catbird might explain what I’m trying to say. Without blather.

See? The long bar occupies space, but mostly highlights what it doesn’t cover.  I.e. you.  Catbird has a lot of beautiful stuff. I gave this necklace to my sister one Christmas.

I also love this from Blue Nile, an asymmetrical circle pendant with little gold tags. Less expensive.

If we wanted to stay horizontal Blue Nile has got a mother-of-pearl bar necklace. Which would be good for collar bones. Although I might in fact need these teardrop earrings because my white gold optical quartz chandeliers are getting too heavy for my elder earlobes. Sadly.

Teeny rings also get us to where The Wearer Is The Point, as we see with this ruby stacking ring from La Garçonne. Sometimes the smaller the piece, the more impact.

However, if, say, we were going to strike out, because we can go big and go home, we might admire this large lapis heart from Jennifer Meyer. The variations in the stone.

The heart also comes in turquoise. Or surrounded by diamonds. But of course if we want to daydream about diamonds we could go on forever.


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  1. I like your taste in jewelry. Of course it’s probably because its similar to mine.

  2. Very pretty and easy to wear pieces. I just bought my daughter initials of her two children gold studs from Catbird for Mother’s Day. I love their designs.

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