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Victoria Beckham X Target Collaboration, Yes, You Read That Right And May Cheer

This Sunday the products of Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with Target go live on Target’s site. Possibly at midnight tonight – I haven’t gotten an answer about timing. The goods will be in stores too, although I hope not at midnight.

I love Beckham’s stuff. Lady, meet Edge. At Barney’s, her stuff looks like this and costs >$2000.

And here’s a sampling of what you will find at Target. For less than $2000. Nifty 50’s-type prints on a shift. Which is supposed to be “knee-length” on regular people, BTW.

Calla lilies, times two. One could just get the shirt and wear it with jeans or a black skirt.

Lots of this color, Beckham calls it “Marigold.” I can’t wear it but I can absolutely appreciate the reverb.

And plus sizes.


Beckham says the collection was inspired by her relationship with her daughter Harper, so there are really adorable little girl and baby clothes too.

I’ve never bought anything from a Target/designer mashup but my favorite sweatshirt is from Isabel Marant’s work with H&M. It’s plain and gray but somehow a better plain and gray than any other. If Target does Beckham justice this could be killer.

Possibly you need new shampoo and a bathmat and a toothbrush holder, urgently. So urgently that you’ve got to make a quick trip to Target on Sunday morning? It happens.

To work around the fact that this collaboration goes live on Sunday, while respecting my self-imposed rule of no monetized links on my Saturday morning posts, none of these links are, um, monetized. For those of you who enjoy supporting Privilege I’ll add a supplementary post with monetized links later today. When it will no longer be morning. Have a good weekend. It’s still raining here, and I’m still happy about that.

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  1. I miss Target…we had it only for about a year and I grew to love the seasonal displays and wares…I am still suffering withdrawal!
    Do show us your VB Target purchases Lisa!

  2. Target is such a good store. I used to buy our sons clothes there when they were young. They had some great and very well made brands for children. I have never bought clothing there for myself, but one of my daughters in law has purchased some great casual dresses.

  3. Unfortunately, like all “Collabs”, this too, will be 100% Polyester, awful cheap versions of the real stuff.
    I meet them at the Goodwill stores months later, where they hang, un-wanted even there. You can check on eBay what happened to previous such ventures: None sell. It is a real shame, as they do no justice to the real talent and real articles.
    (see: Missoni for Target).

  4. I see from her other lines, and her own look, that Victoria Beckham is going more “relaxed.” Love what she’s showing for Target…even if we don’t have Target anymore in Canada. In fact we had it for about three minutes, I think.

  5. Love Target. Have often said if I were just starting out and needed to get furnishings,that’s where I would go. Have never tried the designer things, just the usual stuff, soap, tights, etc.

  6. “Which is supposed to be “knee-length” on regular people, BTW,” made me laugh.

    When I look at any clothing item online from undergarments to jeans to coats, it has become necessary for the seller to supply, and for me to study, the model’s measurements provided, which usually include a 5’10” height, and the 24″ waist and 34″ hips I last had in my thirties, but that makes sense since the models are usually teenagers. A 6 is not going to fit 5’4″ me the same way a 0 or a 2 fits a preternaturally tall, thin model. Did you know that in 2010 the height of the average American woman was 5″4″, and the average weight was 166 pounds? This sticks with me because I’ve been 5″4″ since I was 10, when I towered over everyone around me, boys and girls. I’ve been buying high-waisted crop jeans for years for the height reason. On the tall models they are cropped, on me they are usually a perfect abbreviated ankle length, which is my favorite. High-waisted crops were so unpopular a few years ago, I once got four pairs of high-waisted cropped trouser-style J Brand jeans (denim with slight stretch) for $25 each on sale from almost $300 each. I love the classic style, and won’t run out for my lifetime. Happy Saturday.

  7. I’ve never quite understood all the praise for Victoria Beckham as a “fashion designer.” Most of her clothes look like what we made for ourselves in high school home ec class from super-basic Simplicity patterns. With real cotton and real linen, of course – polyester-type fabrics all cost too much back then! The shifts were sleeveless for “nice” dates, and short-sleeved for church or tea with grown-ups.

    Granted, we never had embroidered bugs on our backs, which would have been fun … just scalloping or rickrack around necklines, if we wanted to be fancy. Ah, life in the dark ages!

  8. I do like her designs, but they don’t really fit my lifestyle anymore – so I’ve never bought anything. Doubtful I will at Target either, but curious to see what you pick.

  9. It’s been my experience that H&M Colabs are a little better quality than what Target does.

  10. I must say I like white Knit-Inset Silk-Wool Sheath Dress! It’s really beautiful! And I like Marigold sleeveless top!! This color is bright in summer~

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