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When Eyelids Behave Badly, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:38am

I had the weirdest illness this week. At least I think it was an illness but I’m not quite sure. One night I was lying on the sofa watching television on my laptop and something flew into my eye. Or so it felt. Not sure what it was, a bug, a feather, or whether indeed it was anything other than a body tantrum.

Next thing I knew my eyelid had swollen dramatically. Stayed that way for a few days. My throat got sore, I got tired. I went to the doctor, she gave me antibiotic eyedrops, they are helping. But I do feel a bit as though I was hit by an invisible man, and am standing on the sidewalk waiting for an transparent finger to poke me again.

Ah, far too dramatic. And by the way that’s just a story to give context to my silence this week.

Today, my son and my daughter and my daughter’s boyfriend are all visiting. So wonderful. Tomorrow we will go up to my father and stepmother’s place, to jointly celebrate August, September and October sibling birthdays. I look forward to a day with much, if not all, of my family.

I hope you all are in good health, and that your summer is winding down peacefully. Thanks as always for your presence.

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  1. A couple of years ago,something dropped into my eye through the car window, while driving to the concert. It was very painful,but I’ve somehow or other even squeezed the visit to the oculist before the concert ( because, there is always reserved time for a drink or coffee before concert-how clever,isn’t it?)
    Nevertheless,the painkiller eyesdrops couldn’t hold on the second part,so I’ve cried (as a real classic music admirer :-))till the end
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!

  2. i am so glad you all get to be together this week. and you tell that invisible man he’s messing with me when he messes with you.

  3. Sorry about your eye. Hope it’s better now. The family get together sounds wonderful. Enjoy your weekend with your favorite people!

  4. Oh! Eye things are scary. I’m glad the antibiotics are helping. Sometimes things happen to us that we never really find a clear explanation for. As the years have passed, I’ve become increasingly impressed with what we, and doctors, don’t know about why our bodies react in the ways that they do. There is a lot more guesswork going on than I’d like, since I’m searching for certainty in my, “Why is that?” questions.:)

    All my siblings, there are three, as well as my mom, were born in the same months as your siblings. The birthdays are 15 and 25 August, 24 September, and 2 October. Then there’s my wintry dad and me, He was born on 9 December and I was born on 4 January. When my parents were both living, and before we added in four grandchildren (my nieces and nephew, whose birthdays are all from 9 March to 7 May), with accompanying complexities of distance and obligations, we’d have The Birthday celebration for the four late summer and fall birthdays as you’re having today.

    Enjoy your time with your family. I hope your eye is fully back to normal now or soon. Happy weekend.

    1. @Katherine C. James, Yes, we have other birthdays too, June and July, in fact, and December and January, and February and April and May if we extend to grandchildren:). Because it’s the three siblings who happen to live in Northern California, and because we are all adults, we agree with you it’s easier to celebrate all together:). And there is so much guesswork. So. Much.

  5. Eeek – that is nasty! I hope you are back to yourself very quickly and enjoy your time with your wonderful children!

  6. Erk! That’s not fair. I hope your eye recovers very fast. And enjoy your family’s birthday mega-celebrations and all the good cake. :)

  7. This is a good news, bad news post. Let’s hope the eye is better ASAP and your family time is wonderful.

  8. Sorry to hear about your eye troubles — sometimes it’s the reminder of vulnerability as much as it is the pain, but that sounds like both!
    Very glad to hear there’s compensating good news, though, and I wish you a wonderful family day tomorrow (and continued improvement on the ocular front). xo

    1. @Frances/Materfamilias, Thank you. I do find myself wondering, as I do often, how much of what I experience as pain/discomfort is aging, and therefore to be tolerated, and how much is something that could be cured/dealt with.

  9. I hope you’re feeling better. This sounds like one of the medical mysteries in the New York Times magazine!

  10. Hello Lisa, Eye troubles are no fun–and so uncomfortable! I hope yours are over soon. I had a weird soreness in my eyes that was quickly cured by antibiotic eyedrops, but what you have sounds a lot harder to put up with.

  11. August birthdays… we’ve a few in my family. My mum just celebrated her 90th. Last year she announced she would not be turning ninety, but would remain 89 and after that would work backwards. My older brother anticipates the year they become twins:)
    Hope the eye is feeling better soon, Lisa.

  12. The last couple of times I’ve come inside from a light round of branch pruning, I’ve been made painfully aware of the zillions of microscopic organisms that caught a ride indoors on my HAIR! ZZZing, boinnng, pfffrapt, they land on my neck and face and shirt [and in my eyelashes?]. Starting to wonder if I might wear a snood [23 down on your NYT crossword] during leafy/branchy garden activities. Best to you and SH, xo xo

  13. Sounds like you are on the mend! I’ll bet you would have rocked an eye patch, though……….

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