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Leave The Leaves Alone, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:46am

I hope all of you who celebrate had a good Thanksgiving.

It was just me and my husband this year. So we walked to a local restaurant, arm in arm, dressed up. I even wore boots. Big fancy.

We were seated in the backroom, where harvest gold tablecloths reminded me of Thanksgiving with my grandmother at the Longmeadow country club. Inauspicious.

But the food was surprisingly, extraordinarily, good. Like when you turn the corner on a boring walk to a valley view. They even let me substitute creme brulée for pumpkin pie. Applause.

And then we walked home. We’d done the same thing last year. Arm in arm down quiet streets, past yellow leaves on sidewalks that had been there all day. Nobody bothering nothing. Quiet where you’re used to bustle and noise is my version of church.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. My daughter is home, she is sitting on the sofa as I write. So I’m topped up with happy stuff and I hope you are too.

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  1. We spent ours alone (husband and me) because our guest was ill, and I must say that the peaceful pace of the day was enjoyable. But I look forward to a busy Christmas with kids and others underfoot. We once spent Thanksgiving on a cruise ship, which I thought was really quite awful and which made me sad, but I think that wandering down to a local restaurant would be fun, and I’m glad it was a chance for you to experience church so beautifully.

  2. Your Thanksgiving seems so beautiful and peaceful-sometimes one needs peace to quietly comprehend all the blessings,some of them could be underrated because of the the noise.
    Having your daughter home-invaluable!
    Have a marvelous weekend

  3. Sounds quite lovely in its own way. I do like leaves to be left alone (and I abhor leaf blowers!!)
    Our Christmas is going to be unusually quiet for us this year, although there will be a three-year-old and a son-in-law and, well, Italy. . . I love tradition, but I think changing it up is good for us as well, right?
    I’ll close by saying “Enjoy your daughter’s company” but I do know it’s a redundant exhortation ;-)

    1. @Frances/Materfamilias, Changing it up was hard to get used to after years of traditional Thanksgivings. That said, I feel like now we’re uncovering good stuff we didn’t know was under there. And my daughter’s company is sheer pleasure. xox.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I’m reminded of the blessing of fragrant herbs simmering with onion. The delight of the winter sky.


  5. Lovely. I will have to remember this next year when my husband and I are likely to be alone on Thanksgiving. I have a hard time not being sad without at least one child home for a holiday. This year I was very happy to cook and have time with a grandson and his parents. So glad you had both stillness and time with your daughter.

    1. @MJ, The first year I was without my children for the major holidays was very hard. If you do a coupleGiving, I recommend walking to wherever you eat, and walking back. The silence of the streets is wonderful, if you haven’t got miles to go of course;).

  6. Did you know that Bunny Mellon had her leaves racked up and then had only the perfect leaves put back on the ground again! Food for thought. It seems like each holiday is a little different once the kids are grown and on their own. Seems like you and your husband know how to work around it and have a lovely time.

    Happy Holidays!

  7. I think your Thanksgiving sounds lovely. Intimate. Cosy. Peaceful. Just can’t imagine why you passed up the pumpkin pie. Are you crazy, girl?

  8. Even though we had a wonderful family celebration for Thanksgiving, I always find myself longing for solitude (and feel guilty about that).

    1. @Susan D., Maybe you should have one year when the two of you go out for an amazing dinner. Maybe in New York. Or Big Sur. It can be quite nice. And you could have solitude all day before the dinner. There are many ways to give thanks and many things to be thankful for. <3

  9. Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds quite civilized…very relaxed yet you were dressed up which makes it a special evening.

    We are enjoying a peaceful weekend here…watching the leaves blowing off of the trees in the wind…our Christmas will be very quiet as my sister will be spending it in the desert so with mom gone it will be just the immediate family…our grandchildren come for brunch on Boxing Day so that we can enjoy gift opening and spread it out for them so they do not get overwhelmed doing it all on Christmas Day. I’ve been wondering if we should go out for Xmas dinner at The Empress Hotel…

    1. @Bungalow Hostess, Christmas dinner at a hotel can be quite spectacular – if the setting is right. Dressing up does help me feel festive. I hope the first Christmas without your mama is not too sad for you.

  10. Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was cozy and relaxing. Having a big crowd can get stressful. How wonderful to have your daughter home!

  11. I’m curious. Did your husband have in part in planning your special twosome Thanksgiving? I ask because I think men, or I wish men, would come forward with ideas for celebrating the holidays. They seem to take a backseat, or a ride, on all the preparations…..”whatever you want, dear.” I’m hoping it was your husband’s idea to go to the restaurant, without any prompting. ;-)

    1. We both decided on this, several years ago, and I cannot remember who actually spoke first. I admit, I like to be driving during holidays;). But there are certainly other times when I’d rather someone else take the wheel.

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