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Happy New Year in 2018, or, Saturday Morning at 7:13am

I read Bumble Ward’s blog, Miss Whistle, and I follow her on Instagram. Bumble practices a kind of yoga that focuses on love. She’ll post the words, Only Love. Often some skeptical part of me responds, “Yeah, it’s not that easy.”

There was a Facebook meme going around that asked you to post a word of good feeling that began with the first letter of your name, as wishes for the New Year. I refrained.

But on New Year’s Day my husband and I were up in San Francisco and I saw this out a window and figured, well, OK, even a Sturdy Gal knows when to bow to the universe.

From my Instagram feed, then,

I wish you all a Happy New Year. It isn’t easy, sometimes the lights go out, but it’s possible.

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  1. Hello Lisa, Happy New Year! This is the season for symbolic portents, so you may as well accept this sign for a good year–or more, since there is no expiration date.

  2. And I wish you and all your readers Vim, Vigor, Vitality, and Variety – but most of all, Vision and Voice.

    Plus, although November is many months away, make a Vow now to Vote – and to make 2018 a better-than-good New Year!

  3. But,than there is always “All the Light We cannot see” :-)
    And Love,too
    Happy 2018,Lisa
    My word could be Kindness!

  4. Only Love is the title of one of Sri Daya Mata’s books.
    She was former President of Self Realization Fellowship, the organization founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. Many beautiful ideas may be found within.

  5. With the current political climate it`s sometimes hard to remember what matters.
    Your right to be skeptical but I think you have an excellent grasp of what`s important.
    Love to you and your readers.

  6. I saw that on FB and thought of kindness. 2017 seemed to be a tough year for everyone I know and I don’t want to go on a rant, but the political climate has been very tough on me emotionally. In addition the #metoo revelations hit hard and I’m still sort of processing it all.
    So kindness towards others, which is easier for me than kindness towards myself, which I’m working on.
    And of course Love always. xo

  7. Happy New Year, Lisa.
    So many have told me to be happy that we are leaving 2017 behind. I hesitate to join the chorus. If only time was as linear and finite as we pretend it is. The continuum has no clear endings or beginnings. As sentient beings, we shape it in our minds – and how differently we each approach this. In the end, we are grateful for the light of each new day.

  8. Happy New Year! I detest New Year’s Resolutions. The focus is usually on the negative and how to correct it. I much prefer good omens. You found a great one. Thanks for capturing it!

    1. @Linda Pakravan, You are so welcome, I am fortunate, I feel that my resolutions were made last year and this year I am just trying to breathe and continue and remember to notice how lucky I am. Happy New Year!

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